Jed McCaleb: Inventor and Entrepreneur

As an inventor and forward-thinking individual, Jed McCaleb’s mission is to use technology to reduce inefficiency and improve the conditions of human beings across the globe. As an innovator, cryptocurrency devotee, and Web entrepreneur, Jed McCaleb has positioned himself in a unique spot — one that involves solving pressing global issues using new technology to reinforce his visions. McCaleb has done well for himself over the years with his useful, Internet-based website platforms.

In unique areas of finance and technology like cryptocurrency and the blockchain, McCaleb has a lot to say about it. McCaleb has been focusing quite intently on his Internet and cryptocurrency-based project, McCaleb started to understand that the financial organizational structure around the globe was dysfunctional. McCaleb’s actions can be based on what he gleaned from the World Bank’s statistics, which noted that there are 2.5 billion plus people who live in the world without a rapport with banks.

McCaleb delved into the entrepreneurial sphere by utilizing his programming abilities at the time of the technology stock boom of 1999. McCaleb created a network of computer nodes and a gargantuan file-sharing network in the day called eDonkey.

Presently, Jed McCaleb and his co-founder, Joyce Kim are utilizing the blockchain technology and Bitcoin as the impetus behind universal money processes and tools like APIs. Stellar is directly involved with banking transactions and key stakeholders as part of the banking and lending process. There are 2.5 billion bangles people who could use the help of Stellar to work as an intermediary between people and banks. Not only does Stellar network support, but it is a non-profit that was founded in 2014. links many different banking institutions to each other using Bitcoin as its capital.

In terms of other cutting-edge technology that Jed McCaleb considers interesting, artificial intelligence (AI) is a top one. For Jed McCaleb, AI is exhilarating, yet frightening technology that he considers as game-changing as the agricultural revolution. McCaleb is a mentor for the Machine Intelligence Research Institute. MIRI‘s credo is to make sure that AI software programs are secure in the future.

Scott Rocklage Plays A Role In Fighting DM1

Scott Rocklage is playing a huge role in fighting genetic disorders that Expansion Therapeutics fights. In an effort to fight such disorders, Expansion Therapeutics has been raising Series A financing. The financing was lead by a number of organizations, including 5AM Ventures, which is Scott Rocklage’s company.


DM1, short for myotonic dystrophy type I, is one of the genetic disorders Expansion Therapeutics is committed to fighting. DM1 is one of the main causes of muscular dystrophy. The company’s fundraising efforts were successful, as it added over $55 million, all for the purpose of fighting DM1. This is important to Expansion Therapeutics because as of now there are no effective treatments out there for DM1.


About Scott Rocklage

Scott Rocklage is a doctor and he is a managing partner at 5AM Ventures. He studied at the University of California in Berkeley. Upon graduating college, he received a bachelor’s degree in chemistry. He graduated from MIT in Massachusetts with a Ph.D. in chemistry. While studying at MIT, he carried out research in Noble Peace Prize winner’s, Richard R. Schrock, laboratory.


Scott Rocklage has been with 5AM Ventures for over 14 years. He became a Venture Partner of the company in 2003. A year later he became a Managing Partner.


The doctor has a tremendous amount of healthcare management experience. In fact, he has over three decades of experience. One of his major accomplishments is for getting three medications approved by the FDA. The medications are Omniscan, Cubicin and Teslascan. He has submitted several other medications to trials and he has dozens of U.S. patents that he has either co-invented or invented.


Connect with Dr. Scott Rocklage on LinkedIn.

HCR Wealth Advisors and the Sandwich Generation

HCR Wealth Advisors is registered investment advisory firm in Los Angeles, California, founded in 1988. The firm specializes in investment management and provides personalized financial planning to its clients. HCR Wealth’s mission is to provide long-lasting relationship and services to their clients and educating them on their financial issues all while maintaining a trusting relationship.

One in seven middle-aged adults not only provide financial support for themselves and their children but also for their parents. This is why this generation, aged 30 to early 50’s, are considered the “Sandwich Generation”. Due to the financial pressures of providing support to their parents and children, this generation can have difficulty saving for their own retirement.

With this financial burden, HCR Wealth Advisors stresses that it is important to still try to save for retirement. The firm suggests trying to match your employer contributions to retirement accounts. It is important to avoid touching the money already saved for retirement to avoid the need for future reliance on their children to support them when they retire thus continuing the cycle.

Due to the rise in college education, it is also advisable to save for college in advance. Not only will it help young adult children pay off their college debt in a timely manner, it will also supply them with a safety net if they spent less than their college budget.

Lastly, not only is it important to save for your own retirement and your children’s college education, but also it is important to understand the health concerns of your parents and their finances. Due to an increase in life expectancy, the elderly are outliving their retirement investments. It is important for this generation to know exactly what income their parents have to sustain themselves, so they are better able to understand how much they will have to give to help their aging parents.

Although those in the “Sandwich Generation” may be burdened with taking care of themselves, their parents, and their children, @HCRwealth mentioned that it is important that this generation stay focused on building up their own retirement nest egg, so their children do not have to bear the same burden.

HCR Wealth Advisors is not affiliated with this website.

The Chainsmokers Alex Pall Explains His Love Of Electronic Dance Music

2017 was the year of The Chainsmokers after the band dominated the pop radio airwaves with their songs, “Paris” and “Something Just Like This” still popular in the charts despite being released over nine months ago. Alex Pall has been a source of inspiration for many DJ’s and undiscovered musicians after building a live following for his DJ duo throughout the early years of the second decade of the 21st-century; the arrival of a creative collaborator, Andrew Taggart from college in Maine pushed Pall to quit his day job and become a full-time musician.

As Andrew Taggart has pushed Alex Pall to explore his creativity and take ownership of the music being created by The Chainsmokers, Pall himself has seen the need to explore how the duo can explore their brand and how they will bring new music to their growing army of fans. Alex Pall has become a social media marketing expert who follows the reaction of fans to the image of The Chainsmokers and how their live shows are being reviewed Online.

One of the major problems identified by Alex Pall as he sought new ways of bringing the best live experience for fans who now expect more than just a live DJ set from the duo. Pall explains he does not wish to simply pipe through the vocals recorded by popular vocalists such as Halsey when touring as he understands bands like Coldplay will not tour alongside The Chainsmokers to sing a single song each night. After disappearing from the public gaze for around nine months, The Chainsmokers returned in 2018 with a darker sound and a full live band to compliment their live performances.

The release of the controversial song, “Sick Boy” also sees Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart take on a new way of looking at the world with the social media platforms The Chainsmokers rely on to stay in contact with their fans targeted for criticism. Alex Pall believes his own opinions about social media are valid and although he has no wish to criticize every aspect of social media he believes living life Offline is still a valid option for himself.

Oxford Club Making First Class Recommendations Again

When it comes to the world of investing, many people are terrified to even dip their toes in the water, let alone jump in with both feet. The problem is there is so much to learn, and there is also so much as stake, that individuals who have finally convinced themselves to start investing still don’t know what to actually invest in. That’s exactly why having a group of investors with experience or even a bit of supervision along the way truly can make the difference. Instead of doing it all by yourself and just hoping you get lucky or learn enough along the way, mentors and professionals around you can definitely be there for you to give you advice, help you to learn, and allow your wealth to grow under supervision and with experience. That group is called The Oxford Club, and they have been attracting new members recently just because of their top quality recommendations.

The Oxford Club is a private, global network of financial investors who understand just how important it is to use the knowledge of many instead of just a few. That’s exactly why so many individuals who are a part of the Oxford Club are able to find success; they rely on new information regarding investments from one another to capitalize on their returns. Remember that private investment is not just about randomly picking a stock and hoping the price to rise over time. Real private investment that can lead to significant increases in wealth is about finding mispricings in the market (whether public or private), and then purchasing said investment for as low as possible and at the right time. The Oxford Club is always uncovering new investments and that is exactly why new investors have nothing to fear. There is no shortage of opportunity staring you in the eye.

When it comes time to make your next investment, whether it is your first or just the next in a long line of them, why wouldn’t you set yourself up for success? Making sure you have professional investors and evaluators on your side simply means you have the advantage and not the other way around.

Bruno Fagali: A Believer In Ethics In An Unethical Time

     Latin American has faced a problem that involves a push of news that is not accurate, corruption, policy that is meant to create wealth for elites, and a lack of voter efficacy in political institutions. Fagali Advocacy group, founded by Bruno Fagali, is a legal group that specializes in compliance, public, advertising, election, and anti-corruption law. This group, aligned with the Brazilian Institute of Law and Business Ethics, has pushed for adding not only efficacy, but checks on regulatory policy in Brazil. The group has looked to advocate for groups and individuals that feel elections, policy, and corruption, have caused problems. Free and fairness in elections is an important issue, and Fagali Advocacy has been in the forefront; the group has helped point out “false news” through FAGAPRESS, and has worked to enforce regulations using ethical ideologies, and safety nets.

Bruno Fagali, the founder, is no newcomer to public policy. He is a specialized attorney that has focused his career, and studies, on compliance, advertising, election, and anti corruption law. These are all connected fields in the public sphere and can exemplify his experience and knowledge in politics. Fagali gained his Masters in State Law from the University of Sao Paolo, but has also become involved in a numerous amount of other groups. For example, Fagali is involved in the Brazilian Council of Health Executives. He is also an acting member of the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics, which is only exemplary of his trust in ethics, civic engagement, and business relations between the individual and the corporation. Fagali’s involvement in these two groups can only demonstrate his experience and acceptance of fairness and ethics in political attitudes. Ethics is an issue that can be overthought, especially dealing with policy and the sway of corporations in it, add fake news outlets, and fairness may be in jeopardy. Fagali and his group appear to have a deep interest in this issue and look to support people with different issues.


Louis Chenevert and United Technologies Corporation

United Technologies Corporation is one of the largest technology companies in the world. Over the past few years, the company has developed new products and services to help millions of customers. Technology is a critical industry for the future. Many companies are willing to spend millions of dollars to improve their products.

United Technologies Corporation is working on various projects to make the world a better place. Louis Chenevert is the current CEO of the company. During his tenure, the company has improved in multiple ways. Not only have sales increased, but he has also enhanced the financial position of the company.

Early Life

Louis Chenevert never thought that he would become the CEO of a major corporation. He went to college but had little direction in his life. He decided to get a business degree to land a job after graduation. He had little passion for learning about business.

While he was in school, he received an internship to work at a local company. During this experience, he learned how companies operate. He quickly became more focused on his career. He worked at multiple companies during his career, and he advanced rapidly to prominent positions.

Community Outreach

Louis Chenevert has always been a significant contributor to charities during his career. He firmly believes in using his extra resources to help people who are in need. He wants members of his company to help others as well. He is excited about the changes that are taking place in Canada. Louis Chenevert started a charity to help children without adequate access to education. He believes that all children should have the opportunity to succeed in life.

Even though he is financially successful, Louis Chenevert has no plans to retire. He enjoys being the CEO of United Technologies Corporation. He intends to stay in his current role for many years.

What Was Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin’s Reaction To Trump Pardoning Joe Arpaio

Lacey and Larkin have, for over two decades, not only witnessed the heinous overthrow of morality and law by Joe Arpaio during his tenure as Maricopa County sheriff but also tasted his brutality.

His pardon by President Donald Trump after conviction due to contempt of court, therefore, came as a surprise and disappointment in what seemed to the highest office of the land condoning of overrun of human rights

The genesis of Arpaio’s jail and pardoning

In 1992, Joe Arpaio a retired Drug Enforcement Administration officer was elected to head the Maricopa County sheriff department, a position he would serve for six terms.

Elected as a reform candidate, Arpaio would later remake himself into “America’s toughest Sherriff.” A title earned and maintained through a massive exploitation of human rights.

Lacey and Larkin, publishers with Phoenix New Times, would closely monitor his inhuman actions, especially those relating to the mistreatment of immigrants keenly and report them to the world through the weekly newspaper.

Some of the most atrocious mistreatment of Arpaio’s subjects the two covered includes the mismanagement of county jail that saw a rapid increase in inmate deaths through suicides and beating.

They also highlighted the brazen cover-up of crimes by natives against undocumented immigrants through poor and non-existent investigations as well as the misuse of $100 million jail funds by the Sherriff’s office. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

However, it is his constant unwarranted harassment of the Latinos that gave rise to the Melendres v. Arpaio class action suit in 2013.

In his ruling of the case, US District Judge Murray Snow called for a $70 Million compensation of the offended as well as a litany of reforms in the county administration with a monitor to foresee their implementation.

However, in July 2017, Arpaio was found in contempt of court for defying this order and remanded in a state penitentiary awaiting sentencing, only for the President to come to his rescue.

Lacey and Larkin confrontation with Arpaio

Due to their constant reprimand of Arpaio’s actions and publication of his atrocities in their New Times publication, Lacey and Larkin often found themselves under his radar. He started hatching plans and rooting for their arrest.

In 2013, Arpaio served the two with a subpoena for publishing his official address on their newspaper with strict, albeit unconstitutional, instructions not to disclose the receipt of the notice or their compliance it, which they never obeyed.

The two would go on to narrate how they were later hauled from their homes in the middle of the night by the sheriff’s deputies in unmarked vehicles with Mexican registration plates.

This sparked a public outcry that prompted the district attorney to issue a statement terming their arrest unconstitutional and unwarranted. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn and Michael Lacey | Twitter

The two would later sue the Sherriff for illegal arrest and detention, a suit that led to a $3.5 million settlement in their favour. The settlement also cleared the path for the Melendres v. Arpaio class action.

Larkin and Lacey’s reaction

Shortly after the public announcement that Arpaio was a free man, the two issued statements condemning the president’s action.

They read political mischief in the move arguing that the president only did it as a payback to one of his earliest presidential campaign backers and as a vain attempt to gain the 30% approval ratings dip by Arpio’s sympathizers in Arizona.