Luiz Carlos Takes Over As The chairman Of The 24th Largest Bank In The Planet

Chinese banks dominate the world banking industry. In fact, a majority of the top ten banks in the world are Chinese banks led by the Industrial and commercial bank of China. However, the major Street banks in the world have started gaining ground.

Morgan bank, Wells Fargo now occupies position three and four consecutively. Citibank and Bank of America follow suit. The Brazilian Banco Itau has represented the Latin America where it was ranked in the thirteenth position last year. In the same year, Banco Bradesco, the second largest bank in Brazil was ranked in the 24th position. For many years, Bradesco bank was ranked as the largest bank in Brazil before it was overtaken by Banco Itau in 2009.

Banco Bradesco
The bank was established in the early 1950s by Amador Aguiar. Initially, Bradesco bank focused on offering banking services to civil servants, farmers, and the business community. Currently, Bradesco bank has diversified its range of products to include insurance and modern banking services such as mobile banking.

For the last nine, the company has been under the leadership of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi who served as the president. Luiz joined the banking industry in 1969 and his experience as a leader and a banker has been instrumental in putting Bradesco bank to the limelight on Wall Street last year.

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Currently, Bradesco bank operates two subsidiaries: banking and insurance and pensions and capitalization bonds. The two subsidiaries offer clients with a wide range of products that include life, health, automobile, asset and accident insurance covers.

According to, Bradesco bank boasts of having great and visionary leadership that has helped to propel the institution to its current status. Amador Aguiar was the founder of Bradesco and he played a prominent role in the expansion of the bank in the early years. Lazaro Brandao, the longest-serving employee, and the former chairman also helped in changing Bradesco bank from a small city bank to a large corporation.

However, we can no talk about Bradesco’s success without mentioning Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. When he came on board, Luiz introduced a unique and effective management style that enhanced efficiency and increased the performance of the institution.

Unlike many other individuals in the banking industry, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi didn’t go to the university to become a banker. He studied psychology and he needed a job after graduating from the university. He was given an opportunity to intern at Bradesco despite having no background in finance and accounting. His ability to manage groups of people and inborn business sense gave Luiz all the ingredients he needed to thrive in the banking industry.

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