Waiakea Water Commits to Clean Drinking and a Clean Environment

Bottled water is at the top of the grocery list for most of today’s consumers. With the recent trends in health and wellness, clean drinking and eating is all the craze, lately. While spending your hard-earned money on something that comes out of your kitchen faucet for free once seemed like a silly idea, there are several benefits associated with switching from tap to the bottle.

With so much competition in the industry, bottled water companies are constantly looking for ways to win over the crowd. For some companies, this is as simple as a promise to deliver quality drinking water. For others, fancy packaging or special deals do the trick. Waiakea Water is a Hawaii-based bottled water company with a unique filtration process. Established in 2012, Waiakea Water is essentially volcanic water. Filtered through more than 13,000 feet of porous volcanic rock, right to your bottle. Waiakea water also contains a pH of 8.8, making it the most naturally alkaline bottled water available. How’s that for clean drinking?

But, Waiakea goes way beyond what’s in the bottle. Understanding the importance of saving our environment, the clean drinking company created the world’s first fully degradable bottle. So much waste ends up in our oceans, causing harm to the innocent creatures who call those waters home. In 2016, the United States used roughly 50 billion plastic bottles, and only 23 percent were recycled. The constant lack of proper disposal of these items is causing us to pollute our own environment. Waiakea’s new fully degradable bottles will break down in only 15 years, a major improvement from traditionally plastic bottles, which can take over 1,000 years to fully degrade.

How often is it that we find a brand that truly cares about the overall well-being of its consumers? Waiakea Water is not only committed to redefining clean drinking, they are on a mission to help preserve our environment.

Support Pump Aid by Buying Waiakea Bottled Water

The people of the developed world know that they can get clean water any time they want. Even if they cannot get their preferred brand of bottled water, they do not need to worry that the water that comes out of their tap could give them water-borne diseases. Many of these diseases are things of the past in the developed world. The average person living in the United States, Europe and now many parts of China does not think about their water supply. The same thing cannot be said for people who live in developing areas. For them, gaining access to clean water can be a matter of life and death. Waiakea water, a bottled water company that sources its product from a Hawaiian volcanic spring, wants to change all that.

Thousands of villages and villagers living in Sub-Saharan Africa can benefit from specialized pumps, and the bottled water company has teamed up with a charity called Pump Aid to make sure this happens. Without these pumps, thousands of people die from water-related illnesses each year. Children are hit the hardest by diseases like cholera, a bacteria that lives in unclean water sources. Pump Aid works to place these specialized pumps in villages throughout the world.

Pump Aid works mostly in a small country called Malawi. The small African country has a high infant mortality rate, and the charity wants to see that change. In every village that receives one of its special pumps, the infant mortality rates go down. The health of all the villagers, including children and adults, improves as well. There are many ways for someone to contribute to the Pump Aid, including donating money to the organization directly. Donating directly to the charity is a good thing, but you can also donate to Pump Aid indirectly by enjoying Waiakea bottled water.