Jed McCaleb and His Successful Endeavors

Jed McCaleb is the co-founder and CTO of Stellar, which is a company that is supporting a global payment setup that relies on a digitized token. He also created Mt. Gox, the first cryptocurrency exchange and continues to work on blockchain projects that he believe will improve the world’s broken financial system. If you take a look at his Jed McCaleb’s Linkedin account, you will see that he is also an advisor to the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, which is a nonprofit that works to confirm that artificial intelligence takes a positive path rather than one that could be harmful to humanity.

Jed McCaleb has been clear about where he stands and has communicated more than once that he believes the future will be ran by a universal payment network. He is also open to the idea of an in between kind of system that allows for people to pay with fiat currencies but is managed by the blockchain. Stellar is starting to gain recognition and is being seriously looked at as taking part in remittance models for certain financial institutions. Jed McCaleb has expressed that he is sure that Stellar could also process stocks and shares.

Jed McCaleb figures that the next decade will bring about a change that finds all equity being tokenized. Stellar, itself, is looking good and has been making plenty of progress as its crypto coin, the Lumen, has been increasing in price steadily for some time. McCaleb has been working in the crypto industry for a long time and predicted the direction that the blockchain would be taking the world some time back. He is sure that it will revolutionize the world’s financial system as well as stock markets. Many people are in agreement with him and are also working on projects that might support the mission of Stellar and Jed McCaleb.

Jed McCaleb knows that his work will help to improve humanity and will allow anyone, including the economically challenged, to have access to a bank account or the ability to transfer funds all over the world at a rate that they can afford. Take a look at Jed McCaleb on LinkedIn.

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HCR Wealth Advisors Offers Invaluable Insight on Retirement Plans

All too often, emphasis on retirement is placed on the financial planning of the individual. Moreover, it has become vital for people to address the potential of retirement impacting their health and wellbeing. For starters, people can be affected psychologically by retirement. On the other hand, others can be affected physically, and in such moments, they will need physical and emotional adjustments. Moreover, serious attention should be given to these non-financial aspects for the retirees to be on a more secure path of retirement. At HCR Wealth Advisors, the financial professionals understand that retirees can be adversely affected by the retirement process. Therefore, the company has suggested some vital concepts to help retirees in their retirement processes.

Addressing the Transitioning Process

The new retirement policy seeks to explore the transition in retirement from an employees’ job with a regular schedule to the challenge of a loss of identity, disengagement from the structure of work, and day to day socialization in non-work environments. Moreover, it examines significant adjustments to personal and family life, healthcare, and aging as well as the particular choice of leisure. Over and above, this retirement plan at HCR Wealth Advisors highlights personal development alongside self-actualization.

Retirement May Be Voluntary

According to glassdoor, most people can work as long as they want before deciding to step down. Therefore, retirement can be a personal choice. Also, it can be excitingly anticipated. Even so, if it is not well prepared for, an individual can suffer different psychological issues including depression, fatigue, low self-esteem, and boredom during retirement. Others can experience anxiety and panic attacks.

Having a Plan B

Over and above, people spend more than ten years making informed business choices regarding their money and its use. Planning for the new retirement, both the financial and non-financial aspects, is one of the most beneficial aspects that HCR Wealth Advisors can offer to its clients at the moment.

What Are the Elements of Retirement?

Change and Transition

Of course, retirement means change and change is a gradual transition process that occurs psychologically. While for some people it is an exciting process, for others it is a frustrating one that requires psychological support. Therefore, HCR Wealth Advisors can help guide you with relevant transitioning tools.

Career and Benefits

Retirement does not have to be synonymous with quitting work. On the other hand, it is an opportunity for the retirees to plan on various businesses and projects that encompass profit generation. On the other hand, some people do not intend to work after retirement. Therefore, HCR Wealth Advisors helps such retirees to plan for their benefits by investing in a revenue-generating business.

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HCR Wealth Advisors prides itself on being an experienced financial advisory provider for clients. Established in 1988, the firm handles wealth management and is a registered investment advisory firm.

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Hussain Sajwani, The Billionaire Real Estate Developer Who Is Trump’s Dubai’s Business Partner

Hussain Sajwani’s career background

Hussain Sajwani was born around 1952. The Damac owner got a government scholarship to study in the U.S where he studied Industrial Engineering and Economics at the University of Washington and obtained a bachelor’s degree. In 1981, the Damac owner began his career in Abu Dhabi Industries in the finance department. After two years, he commenced a catering business whose customers included the U.S military. This catering Venture still operates today as Global Logistics Services.

In 2002, Hussain founded Damac Properties which has now become among the largest property developers in the Middle East. Since being established, the business has developed about 19,000 apartments, and over 44,000 units are in various construction stages. In 2015, Damac Properties was publicly listed to have its shares trade on the Dubai Financial Market. It has developed luxury apartments whose interiors are done by Versace and Fendi, Bugatti Luxury villas, and in partnership with paramount pictures, it has developed Paramount Hotels and Resorts. Hussain has received several awards including Arabian Business Real Estate Award.

The Damac owner’s Philanthropic efforts

In 2013, the Damac owner, contributed AED 2 million to a campaign aimed at clothing a million children across the world. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum launched the Ramadan Initiative according to Forbes. Damac Properties showed its support of the government’s efforts to raise living standards all over the world. With its donation, Damac Properties will offer Warmth and clothing to over 50,000 deprived children. The Hussain Sajwani-DAMAC Foundation, in 2017, sponsored One Million Arab Coders Initiative of Dubai Future Foundation, also launched by His Highness to give free training on software development to a million Arab youths.

Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump

When celebrating his win in December 2016 as President-elect at his Mar-a-Lago Resort, Donald Trump heaped praise on the Damac owner who is his Dubai business partner. Damac Properties built The Trump International Course Dubai and the second course is under constructions at Damac’s Akoya Oxygen scheme. According to Hussain Sajwani, Trump election enhances his organization’s brand profile and being his partner afforded them a benefit.

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Waiakea Water: Why You Should Think About Your Water’s pH Level

PH plays an interesting role in the human body. PH is a measure of the basicity or acidity. The human body — at ideal health — should have a pH balance of around 7.4 making it very neutral. There are fluctuations, especially with modern diets, but ideally, you should be looking for a neutral pH balance. Companies have been selling pH-related products for a long time. Many medicines make use of pH (a good example would be antacids like Tums). Lately, however, one water company has been bringing the pH battle to its doorstep.

Waiakea water, a company based in Hawaii, is selling water that is setting a trend. Waiakea water has a pH of 8.8 making it very alkaline. Why is this important? Well, most water companies sell water that has a pH of anywhere for 4 – 7. Now, while this isn’t bad (it is water after all), it isn’t good either. Waiakea’s water’s pH balance has a range of health benefits that other waters simply do not have.

Having such a high pH will help with things such as acid reflux. It will also bind to hydrogen and reduce disease prevalence. Of course, it does more than this. Waiakea Hawaii volcanic water also contains silica, a compound with a slew of research studies suggesting it decreases the risk of age-related symptoms such as Alzheimer’s.

It all started when CEO Ryan Emmons realized he was onto something. The California-Hawaii hybrid had family land next to the Mauna Loa mountains in Hawaii. Mauna Loa — which literally means Long Mountain — is the largest mountain top to bottom in the world. It also has some interesting water around it. The streams that run through Mauna Loa’s valleys are mineral-rich alkaline-heavy waters that contain bonus nutrients such as silica. Ryan — who’s passion was charity — set out to bring this water to the world.

Of course, because of their CEO, Waiakea is the most charitable water company on the planet. For every 1 liter of Waiakea sold, 650 liters of fresh water are donated to those in need in communities in Africa. This is done through Pump Aid, a charity that has already supplied over 500 million liters of water to areas with low or no water supplies in Africa.

This emphasis on health and charity has made Waiakea one of the biggest water companies on the planet. Boasting a valuation of over $10 million already, Waiakea is setting course to become a major player in the bottled water industry. And why not? After all, they claim to be the most charitable and healthy waters on the planet.

Meet Arabian’s Top Billionaire; Hussain Sajwani

Real estate business has been a booming business in Dubai considering the number of tourist and the people willing to settle in the one of the world’s luxurious city. DAMAC properties, under the leadership of Hussain Sajwani, has been in the forefront to make it happen for over a decade now. Hussein Sajwani, who is now in his 60s, was born in Dubai. After high school education, he joined the University of Washington where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Economic. In 1981, after his studies, he was employed by Abu Dhabi Gas Industries. A year later he thought of trying something new, catering industry. He established Global Logistics Services which has grown to become a leading catering venture across Africa and the Middle East. He was so much into Property development. In the 90s Dubai experienced an influx of tourist and Hussain exploited the opportunity by investing in hotels that would accommodate the tourist.

Out of being ambitious, he decided to venture into property development when he established DAMAC properties. He is currently DAMAC’s CEO. Over the last ten years, the corporation has grown to become the largest property development company across the Middle East and some parts of Europe. With a workforce of over 2000 people, DAMAC properties have delivered over 20,000 homes. To attain elegance and quality for its clients, DAMAC is working together with luxury and fashion companies like Versace, Fedi Casa, Just Cavalli and Bugatti in doing interior designs for luxurious homes, hotels, resorts, and villas.

Hussain Sajwani and Trump are business friends and together have worked on many projects for example in the establishment of two golf course and villas in Dubai. However, recently Trump decline a project proposal from Hussein stating that he is not allowed to involve in private business by the state. More details can be read here

Apart from being a prosperous businessman, Hussain Sajwani is a philanthropist. He has worked together with the UAE government and the Red Crescent in clothing the needy children. According to Forbes; through DAMAC properties, Hussain Sajwani has featured among top Arab billionaire.

Jed Mccaleb Introduces Stellar For The Unbanked Population

Jed McCaleb has contributed immensely to the growth and development of the cryptocurrency industry. A Blockchain cryptocurrency expert, Jed McCaleb created Mt. Gox, which is the very first bitcoin exchange in the world. Aside from that, he created eDonkey in 2000, together with his developer friend SamYagan. eDonkey is one of the pioneering decentralized peer-to-peer file sharing networks. It is the first to utilize multisource downloading.

Upon identifying significant flaws in the global financing system, Jim McCaleb, alongside Joyce Kim created Stellar Development Foundation in 2014. Currently, Jed occupies the position of Cofounder and CTO, where he oversees the technical aspect that relates to the development of Stellar. Basically, his technical role in the company is in two folds; you will either find him coding and developing Stellar‘s technical aspects or responding to emails and taking on anything that has to do with the business.

The idea for Stellar came to him after he realized what Bitcoin truly was, and he came to an understanding of how the technology behind bitcoin could be used to solve problems. He saw a greater need than just creating a digital currency. He created a financial network that was open source in place of creating a currency which had the capacity of connecting financial institutions. Stellar is a form of link between financial institutions.

Stellar, according to Jed McCaleb was aimed at connecting people who currently do not have bank accounts. According to the latest world bank statistics, this amounted to 2.5 billion people. By introducing Stellar, the cost incurred by these financial institutions to offer services to the section of the population that don’t have bank accounts is drastically reduced. One of the challenges for financial institutions that prevents them from offering services to individuals that receive little income is the high maintenance cost. But Stellar is about to change all that. By improving the connections between financial institutions, money transfer cost becomes cheaper as money is transferred via its open source financial network.

Although several financial organizations and institutions have already implemented Stellar, there is a particular interest in the third-world nations of the world, as this region is home to most of the unbanked population in the world.

Since its upgrade in 2014, the network has become more secure, modular and scalable. The network features the internet’s low-level simplicity; thus, it is easy to maintain, understand as well as extend. Stellar is a community-managed network, therefore it is run by individuals in a community outside Stellar. Aside from contributing to the network’s open source core protocol, every other thing is determined by the community.

When Jed is not busy working on Stellar, he spends his time researching the likelihood of Artificial Intelligence. The act of spending time developing concrete strategies and plans is one

Lacey and Larkin beat all odds to launch Frontera Fund

Lacey and Larkin are village voice media executives from Arizona. The duo founded the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. This was not a walk in the park as they had to face a fair share of challenges for this to actualize. During the evening of October 18, 2007, Lacey and Larkin were forcibly handcuffed by armed deputies.

They were later driven from their homes in Phoenix and pushed into SUVs with dark tinted windows. Afterward, they were put into different jails which are managed by Arpaio, an American Sheriff who was responsible for this arrest. Learn more about Lacey and Larkin: and

The arrest was carried out because Lacey and Larkin had printed a cover story in Phoenix New Times about Arpaio’s friends and the story disclosed of their offensive actions. It revealed of how these people, who worked for the Attorney at Maricopa County had requested for details of newspaper writers, editors and readers in a grand tribunal subpoenas that they had provided.

As it is known, personal browsing histories are usually private, but then this tribunal had gone to the extent of even requesting for personal browsing histories of readers and even IP addresses. This arrest was not acceptable to the people, and so there was a national tumult, and this led to the freeing of the duo in a period not exceeding 24 hours.

The release saw Lacey and Larkin be paid a ransom of 3.7 million US dollars for an unlawful arrest, by Maricopa County. The duo used this money for Frontera Fund, whose intentions are always to help Hispanic People.

This passion for people did not just come up, but it was born in Lacey and Larkin from an early age. Larkin once said that growing in Arizona; he was taught that it was necessary for one to help out the less fortunate in society. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Michael Lacey | LinkedIn

He added that the Mexican Migrants would be the people who much deserved this as they always committed themselves to travel through the desert miles away to Arizona in search of work and economic opportunities.

Frontera fund was genuinely committed to serving, as they gave away money to non- profit groups which deserved it, and which firmly stood for the civil rights of Hispanic People.

Lacey also noted that together with his partner Jim, they would be for immigrants despite Sheriff Arpaio detaining the Mexican immigrants an action that was supposed to instigate fear in the 2014 elections.

Oxford Club Making First Class Recommendations Again

When it comes to the world of investing, many people are terrified to even dip their toes in the water, let alone jump in with both feet. The problem is there is so much to learn, and there is also so much as stake, that individuals who have finally convinced themselves to start investing still don’t know what to actually invest in. That’s exactly why having a group of investors with experience or even a bit of supervision along the way truly can make the difference. Instead of doing it all by yourself and just hoping you get lucky or learn enough along the way, mentors and professionals around you can definitely be there for you to give you advice, help you to learn, and allow your wealth to grow under supervision and with experience. That group is called The Oxford Club, and they have been attracting new members recently just because of their top quality recommendations.

The Oxford Club is a private, global network of financial investors who understand just how important it is to use the knowledge of many instead of just a few. That’s exactly why so many individuals who are a part of the Oxford Club are able to find success; they rely on new information regarding investments from one another to capitalize on their returns. Remember that private investment is not just about randomly picking a stock and hoping the price to rise over time. Real private investment that can lead to significant increases in wealth is about finding mispricings in the market (whether public or private), and then purchasing said investment for as low as possible and at the right time. The Oxford Club is always uncovering new investments and that is exactly why new investors have nothing to fear. There is no shortage of opportunity staring you in the eye.

When it comes time to make your next investment, whether it is your first or just the next in a long line of them, why wouldn’t you set yourself up for success? Making sure you have professional investors and evaluators on your side simply means you have the advantage and not the other way around.

Louis Chenevert and United Technologies Corporation

United Technologies Corporation is one of the largest technology companies in the world. Over the past few years, the company has developed new products and services to help millions of customers. Technology is a critical industry for the future. Many companies are willing to spend millions of dollars to improve their products.

United Technologies Corporation is working on various projects to make the world a better place. Louis Chenevert is the current CEO of the company. During his tenure, the company has improved in multiple ways. Not only have sales increased, but he has also enhanced the financial position of the company.

Early Life

Louis Chenevert never thought that he would become the CEO of a major corporation. He went to college but had little direction in his life. He decided to get a business degree to land a job after graduation. He had little passion for learning about business.

While he was in school, he received an internship to work at a local company. During this experience, he learned how companies operate. He quickly became more focused on his career. He worked at multiple companies during his career, and he advanced rapidly to prominent positions.

Community Outreach

Louis Chenevert has always been a significant contributor to charities during his career. He firmly believes in using his extra resources to help people who are in need. He wants members of his company to help others as well. He is excited about the changes that are taking place in Canada. Louis Chenevert started a charity to help children without adequate access to education. He believes that all children should have the opportunity to succeed in life.

Even though he is financially successful, Louis Chenevert has no plans to retire. He enjoys being the CEO of United Technologies Corporation. He intends to stay in his current role for many years.

What Was Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin’s Reaction To Trump Pardoning Joe Arpaio

Lacey and Larkin have, for over two decades, not only witnessed the heinous overthrow of morality and law by Joe Arpaio during his tenure as Maricopa County sheriff but also tasted his brutality.

His pardon by President Donald Trump after conviction due to contempt of court, therefore, came as a surprise and disappointment in what seemed to the highest office of the land condoning of overrun of human rights

The genesis of Arpaio’s jail and pardoning

In 1992, Joe Arpaio a retired Drug Enforcement Administration officer was elected to head the Maricopa County sheriff department, a position he would serve for six terms.

Elected as a reform candidate, Arpaio would later remake himself into “America’s toughest Sherriff.” A title earned and maintained through a massive exploitation of human rights.

Lacey and Larkin, publishers with Phoenix New Times, would closely monitor his inhuman actions, especially those relating to the mistreatment of immigrants keenly and report them to the world through the weekly newspaper.

Some of the most atrocious mistreatment of Arpaio’s subjects the two covered includes the mismanagement of county jail that saw a rapid increase in inmate deaths through suicides and beating.

They also highlighted the brazen cover-up of crimes by natives against undocumented immigrants through poor and non-existent investigations as well as the misuse of $100 million jail funds by the Sherriff’s office. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

However, it is his constant unwarranted harassment of the Latinos that gave rise to the Melendres v. Arpaio class action suit in 2013.

In his ruling of the case, US District Judge Murray Snow called for a $70 Million compensation of the offended as well as a litany of reforms in the county administration with a monitor to foresee their implementation.

However, in July 2017, Arpaio was found in contempt of court for defying this order and remanded in a state penitentiary awaiting sentencing, only for the President to come to his rescue.

Lacey and Larkin confrontation with Arpaio

Due to their constant reprimand of Arpaio’s actions and publication of his atrocities in their New Times publication, Lacey and Larkin often found themselves under his radar. He started hatching plans and rooting for their arrest.

In 2013, Arpaio served the two with a subpoena for publishing his official address on their newspaper with strict, albeit unconstitutional, instructions not to disclose the receipt of the notice or their compliance it, which they never obeyed.

The two would go on to narrate how they were later hauled from their homes in the middle of the night by the sheriff’s deputies in unmarked vehicles with Mexican registration plates.

This sparked a public outcry that prompted the district attorney to issue a statement terming their arrest unconstitutional and unwarranted. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn and Michael Lacey | Twitter

The two would later sue the Sherriff for illegal arrest and detention, a suit that led to a $3.5 million settlement in their favour. The settlement also cleared the path for the Melendres v. Arpaio class action.

Larkin and Lacey’s reaction

Shortly after the public announcement that Arpaio was a free man, the two issued statements condemning the president’s action.

They read political mischief in the move arguing that the president only did it as a payback to one of his earliest presidential campaign backers and as a vain attempt to gain the 30% approval ratings dip by Arpio’s sympathizers in Arizona.