Ted Bauman Route of Excellence to Royalty

Ted Bauman edits for Plan B Club, The Bauman Letter, and Alpha Stock Alert for the Banyan Hill Publishing firm. He joined Banyan Hill back in 2013 and over time has found specialized in low risk investing strategies, privacy, asset protection and much more. His aim is to provide investors/ entrepreneurs with tips on ways to make a profit or to save in preparation for a rainy day or retirement days. Ted Bauman was born in Washington, raised in Maryland and migrated to South Africa during his youth days before coming back to settle in Atlanta. In South Africa, he enrolled at the University of Cape Town where he pursued degrees in economics and history. During his days in S.A, he worked as a fund manager for low-cost projects. It is during that time that Slum Dwellers was founded and over time has helped a number of homeless people in the city and even others from other countries.

During an interview, Ted Bauman says that in this market even a person who is well experienced has a 50/50 chance of succeeding. Sometimes the market will rise and other times it will drop to the lowest levels. He thus advises investors/ entrepreneurs to come up with a plan that is practical and one that will work for both instances. According to Ted, the key to success is by having a strong investment strategy. In the letters he edits, Ted Bauman says that an investor who sticks with his plan from the beginning is more likely to succeed and to do this they must work with a clear mind with no emotions. To know more about him click here.

He also says that investing is not that hard as long as one applies their common sense in the rules of investing. The first way to protecting one’s investment is through creating an investment barrier before trying to make a huge a lot of money in a small amount of time. One of the investment barriers they can take is investing in stocks and bonds. According to Ted many investors know nothing about bonds and stocks and thus take no interest in them. However this provides investors with monthly/ annual dividends compared to the gains/losses of the stock exchange market. Through this strategy investors gain control over the stock market.

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Gareth Henry, the making of a top investment professional

Gareth Henry, a top investment professional, has for many years proven to be in a league of his own. In 2016, Gareth Henry left Fortress Investment Group for Angelo, Gordon & Co., in yet another upward move for one of the world’s most talented investment professionals. By then he was already immensely experienced having worked with teams that achieved phenomenal growth at Fortress Investment Group. As a global investor with tested ability, Gareth Henry had already proved that he could meet client expectations. It is from that realization that he was found sufficiently qualified to play a pivotal role in the top-of-the-world team that was put together at Angelo, Gordon & Co. His reliability in the pursuit of quality results made him worthy. Connect clearvoice.com to know more about Gareth Henry.

At Fortress Investment Group, Gareth Henry had been the Global Head of Investor Relations, a job he excelled. While working out of London for Fortress, he was responsible for the implementation of a highly successful strategy involving Fortress’ hedge funds. Here, his job entailed raising capital from diverse markets, including African, Middle Eastern and European markets. Before working at Fortress Investment Group, Gareth Henry was a Director of Strategic Solutions with Schroeders. Before that, he worked at SEI Investments in Philadelphia. He had cut his teeth at Watson Wyatt LLP. Gareth holds a Bachelor’s degree in Science, actuarial mathematics and statistics, from Heriot-Watt University UK.

In Gareth Henry’s own words, what works for him is sheer enthusiasm coupled with passion. All he has ever needed was an idea after which he has merely gone to the ends of the world to make it happen. He identifies direct deal, and single asset investments are two main trends that are available but is staying well aware of other high impact trends including, blockchains and cryptocurrencies. Among all else, he takes very importantly the feedback he gets from peers, team, and clients. It is the only way to understand the dynamics of your environment truly.

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Brian Torchin And HCRC

Brian Torchin is a leader and businessman in the healthcare industry. He studied exercise science at the University of Delaware and graduated with a pre-med degree. He then moved on to attend the New York Chiropractic College and graduated with degree in chiropractic care. After college, he opened his first chiropractic care practice in the city of Philadelphia. View CNN iReport about Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin’s business intuition shone through when he created a healthcare staffing company called Healthcare Recruitment Counselors, or HCRC for short, in 2007. HCRC helps its clients find a healthcare professional fit a criteria for a job that needs to be fulfilled quickly. Their clients typically look for dentists, doctors, physical therapists, and other professionals of the like. HCRC’s main goal is to provide their clients with their chosen healthcare professional in 72 hours or less. If this deadline is not met or the client is not satisfied with the healthcare professional chosen, they do not pay. The HCRC services multiple continents and countries besides the United States, such as Canada, Europe and Australia.

In addition to leading the HCRC business, Brian Torchin utilizes social media to further the healthcare industry’s outlook. Torchin takes to Facebook and Twitter to post jobs that are available to people who might not know through the internet or certain websites. This helps the job creation and fulfillment process become even faster.

The social media posts that Torchin’s posts include the job type, the locations, and a link to the website where the healthcare professional can click on. This will take them to a site where they can apply for the job. Other social media platforms that Torchin recruits are sites like LinkedIn, Tiny, and Google. By the looks of it, he does not post any personalized social media posts of any kind. This posts are limited to the business posts only.

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How Gareth Henry’s Knowledge of Mathematics Made Him a Success in the Finance Sector

Gareth Henry, a successful entrepreneur, and an investor is a well-known name in the finance industry. He is a man with strict principles and habits that help him stay productive every day. With 17 years of experience, he has played various roles in major financial institutions. Gareth Henry is a math geek and loved playing with numbers since he was a teenager. With a degree in Actuarial Mathematics from the University of Edinburgh, he managed to combine mathematics and finance to his advantage which gave him an edge over many.

He kickstarted his career with Watson Wyatt as an analyst in 2011 and after 3 years moved on the major investment firm called SEI Investments, Philadelphia as an accounts manager. Unfortunately, due to certain circumstances, his left the company in a year. Later he joined at Schroders with the big responsibility of the Director of Strategic Solutions. This is the first time he was overseeing the complete private equity division of the company and believes his experience at Schroders came in handy in the later years of his career.

In June 2007, Gareth Henry took a big leap in his career and joined Fortress Investment Group, the largest alternative-asset Investment firm in the market space. He served as the Head of International Investors Relations for 8 long years. He played an important role in uplifting the sales and marketing division of the company. His last move was to Angelo Gordon & Co., a $26 billion dollar investment firm that focuses on Credit, private equity and real estate divisions.

Gareth Henry has been always expressive about his strategies and personal learnings, which gives us a brief outline of his successful career. He believes that meditation and yoga keep him fit and productive throughout the day. After he graduated from college, being a math geek, he could figure out patterns in the financial world and took up a course in risk management. This is when he understood his calling and dived in the financial sector starting as an Analyst at Watson & Wyatt.

Gareth Henry understands that it was his passion and enthusiasm for the field that made him successful in life. Being an integral member of the financial world he keeps himself updated with the current trends in the market. Gareth admitted that he was intrigued by the technology used in the field of cryptocurrency. He also mentioned following the blockchain technology which is projected to revolutionize the business industry.


Jason Hope Is Optmistic About The Future Of Technology

Jason Hope grew up in Tempe, Arizona and obtained his finance degree at Arizona State University. He earned his MBA at ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business.

Jason Hope makes predictions about the future of technology based on his knowledge and understanding. He believes the Internet of Things will be crucial to modern society in conjunction with the increase of connected devices. He is excited about the day when everyone has an Internet of Things connected device in their home. Many such products were released in 2017. Some devices use sensors to monitor and adjust room temperature and lighting, while others monitor fitness and biometrics. He uses the Under Armour Gemini 2 IoT shoes to track his fitness progress during his daily run. He recommends Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson’s book “The Second Machine Age: Work, Progress and Prosperity in a Time of Brilliant Technologies.” It is full of IoT concepts and different types of devices that will be available in the future. It also describes how intelligent devices will manage everyone’s lives. More about of Jason Hope at City Scene.

He wanted to help students and entrepreneurs start their careers, so he began giving out grants. He accepts business ideas from these aspiring young people on his website. The person with the best idea receives the grant. When it comes to his own ideas, he has great faith in the future of his entrepreneurial and philanthropic projects.

Jason Hope is optimistic about the SENS Research Foundation and its work. He has personally donated half a million dollars to fund its laboratory at Cambridge. The foundation is researching drugs and treatments that are known as AGE-breakers. These drugs and treatments break down advanced glycation end-products. The metabolic waste product can cause the skin and blood vessels to have less elasticity. Researchers at SENS now know that most AGEs in human tissues are glucosepane. They are conducting rejuvenation research with the help of donations from philanthropists like Jason Hope. He has a blog focused on his philanthropy and support for life extension endeavors. Visit: https://medium.com/@jasonhope


Stream Energy

Off late, we have seen a lot of organizations that are a part of corporate America to be involved in charitable causes. For some, it is all about the empathy and a kind feeling towards the victims which would eventually help them to augment their reputation in the market and for others, these altruistic efforts are extremely helpful to manage the reputation when there are adverse effects like a decline in profits or any undesirable scandals. Whatever might be the reason, Stream Energy, the Dallas based energy firm, has been extremely aggressive when it comes to helping the communities and transforming their lives for better. Assistance during Hurricane Harvey is just one of the many instances where Stream Energy associates have done an incredible job by providing assistance which is truly something more than mere financial help.


Homelessness is another aspect that is very personal to the vision of Stream Energy. The organization and its employees have done a tireless job in tracking the number of homeless people in the Dallas, Texas area and they were quite shocked to see the 24% surge in the homelessness count in the Big D. To facilitate their efforts, Stream Energy has partnered with Dallas based Hope Supply Co. and organized an annual splash event where they did a tremendous job to cover the meal costs of more than a thousand homeless children from the North Texas region.


Providing the homeless with food was not the only criteria as a part of the effort. It was more to include the homeless community together and give them an experience of a lifetime. Besides money, many children were also provided with basic supplies, diapers, and clothing. Stream Energy has been directly involved with this noble cause for more than 4 years now. Helping people with suffering has been a part of the company’s vision and their team has put in a lot of hours in identifying the needs as well as helping people and reshaping their lives. While all of his has been quite fruitful to the business, it has also proven how the firms in the Dallas, Texas area have been so much involved in causes like these.



Sahm Adrangi Might Have Saved Investors A Lot Of Money By Revealing The Downsides Of The St. Joe Company

Sahm Adrangi is the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital, which is a investment manager that is based out of New York. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Economics while studying at Yale University and served as an investment analyst for Longacre Fund Management. While there, he focused on investment research and analysis for the the company’s credit and equity fund. Before this, he worked with Chanin Capital Partners, which is a bankruptcy restructuring group. During his time with the company, he helped in an advisory position where he offered his knowledge to creditors, both, in and out of court as well as Chapter 11 restructurings. Today, he spots opportunities to short the stocks of companies who are not living up to their valuations.

Recently, Sahm Adrangi has put out a negative report on The St. Joe Company due to the fact that its budget is declining all while it puts off the development of the property that is supposed to revive it. The St. Joe Company is a billion dollar company that is hoping to turn a large desolate spread of land close to Panama City Beach into a place where retirees and businesses want to come to live and do business. The problem with this, as Sahm Adrangi reveals, is that the company is not very likely to develop the land, in question, in a way that makes it worth the supposed $1 billion valuation it has received.

In the negative report, Sahm Adrangi talks openly about the fact that the land is remote, desolate, and swampy, and that it is nothing like the rest of the land that St. Joe has developed, which is beachfront property. The present valuation is assuming that over 2,700 homesites along with 400,000 square-feet of commercial zone will be sold on a yearly basis. He points out the ridiculousness of this, because if this did happen, it would mean that the development would be the best-selling master-planned community in the whole of the United States. Adrangi points out this would be a miracle, because the land is highly undesirable.


Luiz Carlos Takes Over As The chairman Of The 24th Largest Bank In The Planet

Chinese banks dominate the world banking industry. In fact, a majority of the top ten banks in the world are Chinese banks led by the Industrial and commercial bank of China. However, the major Street banks in the world have started gaining ground.

Morgan bank, Wells Fargo now occupies position three and four consecutively. Citibank and Bank of America follow suit. The Brazilian Banco Itau has represented the Latin America where it was ranked in the thirteenth position last year. In the same year, Banco Bradesco, the second largest bank in Brazil was ranked in the 24th position. For many years, Bradesco bank was ranked as the largest bank in Brazil before it was overtaken by Banco Itau in 2009.

Banco Bradesco
The bank was established in the early 1950s by Amador Aguiar. Initially, Bradesco bank focused on offering banking services to civil servants, farmers, and the business community. Currently, Bradesco bank has diversified its range of products to include insurance and modern banking services such as mobile banking.

For the last nine, the company has been under the leadership of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi who served as the president. Luiz joined the banking industry in 1969 and his experience as a leader and a banker has been instrumental in putting Bradesco bank to the limelight on Wall Street last year.

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Currently, Bradesco bank operates two subsidiaries: banking and insurance and pensions and capitalization bonds. The two subsidiaries offer clients with a wide range of products that include life, health, automobile, asset and accident insurance covers.

According to istoedinheiro.com.br, Bradesco bank boasts of having great and visionary leadership that has helped to propel the institution to its current status. Amador Aguiar was the founder of Bradesco and he played a prominent role in the expansion of the bank in the early years. Lazaro Brandao, the longest-serving employee, and the former chairman also helped in changing Bradesco bank from a small city bank to a large corporation.

However, we can no talk about Bradesco’s success without mentioning Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. When he came on board, Luiz introduced a unique and effective management style that enhanced efficiency and increased the performance of the institution.

Unlike many other individuals in the banking industry, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi didn’t go to the university to become a banker. He studied psychology and he needed a job after graduating from the university. He was given an opportunity to intern at Bradesco despite having no background in finance and accounting. His ability to manage groups of people and inborn business sense gave Luiz all the ingredients he needed to thrive in the banking industry.

Learn more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco: http://economia.estadao.com.br/blogs/coluna-do-broad/bradesco-deve-anunciar-sucessor-de-trabuco-antes-do-carnaval/

Jed McCaleb: Inventor and Entrepreneur

As an inventor and forward-thinking individual, Jed McCaleb’s mission is to use technology to reduce inefficiency and improve the conditions of human beings across the globe. As an innovator, cryptocurrency devotee, and Web entrepreneur, Jed McCaleb has positioned himself in a unique spot — one that involves solving pressing global issues using new technology to reinforce his visions. McCaleb has done well for himself over the years with his useful, Internet-based website platforms.

In unique areas of finance and technology like cryptocurrency and the blockchain, McCaleb has a lot to say about it. McCaleb has been focusing quite intently on his Internet and cryptocurrency-based project, Stellar.org. McCaleb started to understand that the financial organizational structure around the globe was dysfunctional. McCaleb’s actions can be based on what he gleaned from the World Bank’s statistics, which noted that there are 2.5 billion plus people who live in the world without a rapport with banks.

McCaleb delved into the entrepreneurial sphere by utilizing his programming abilities at the time of the technology stock boom of 1999. McCaleb created a network of computer nodes and a gargantuan file-sharing network in the day called eDonkey.

Presently, Jed McCaleb and his Stellar.com co-founder, Joyce Kim are utilizing the blockchain technology and Bitcoin as the impetus behind universal money processes and tools like APIs. Stellar is directly involved with banking transactions and key stakeholders as part of the banking and lending process. There are 2.5 billion bangles people who could use the help of Stellar to work as an intermediary between people and banks. Not only does Stellar network support Stellar.org, but it is a non-profit that was founded in 2014. Stellar.org links many different banking institutions to each other using Bitcoin as its capital.

In terms of other cutting-edge technology that Jed McCaleb considers interesting, artificial intelligence (AI) is a top one. For Jed McCaleb, AI is exhilarating, yet frightening technology that he considers as game-changing as the agricultural revolution. McCaleb is a mentor for the Machine Intelligence Research Institute. MIRI‘s credo is to make sure that AI software programs are secure in the future.

Louis Chenevert and United Technologies Corporation

United Technologies Corporation is one of the largest technology companies in the world. Over the past few years, the company has developed new products and services to help millions of customers. Technology is a critical industry for the future. Many companies are willing to spend millions of dollars to improve their products.

United Technologies Corporation is working on various projects to make the world a better place. Louis Chenevert is the current CEO of the company. During his tenure, the company has improved in multiple ways. Not only have sales increased, but he has also enhanced the financial position of the company.

Early Life

Louis Chenevert never thought that he would become the CEO of a major corporation. He went to college but had little direction in his life. He decided to get a business degree to land a job after graduation. He had little passion for learning about business.

While he was in school, he received an internship to work at a local company. During this experience, he learned how companies operate. He quickly became more focused on his career. He worked at multiple companies during his career, and he advanced rapidly to prominent positions.

Community Outreach

Louis Chenevert has always been a significant contributor to charities during his career. He firmly believes in using his extra resources to help people who are in need. He wants members of his company to help others as well. He is excited about the changes that are taking place in Canada. Louis Chenevert started a charity to help children without adequate access to education. He believes that all children should have the opportunity to succeed in life.

Even though he is financially successful, Louis Chenevert has no plans to retire. He enjoys being the CEO of United Technologies Corporation. He intends to stay in his current role for many years.