Getting to the Core of The Oxford Club

The Oxford Club’s multiple levels of membership reaches its core with the Chairman’s Circle. This is the level of membership that has the most privileges. The members on this level are under a ton of control. This is where all of the decisions are made as to where the company goes and what direction it takes. Investors that are very involved in their own creation of wealth often find themselves in this circle. They are also willing to protect the wealth that they gain for their families. This is an area that is only for the most committed and dedicated member.

One of the best things about being a member in this circle is the exclusive access they have. There are tons of information that only members of the Chairman’s Circle are going to have access to. While this may feel like a very amazing thing to accomplish, it is also a position that requires a lot of responsibility.

The benefits of The Oxford Club run very deep for people of any level of involvement. The most important object of The Oxford Club is to make sure that there is plenty of information available for people who are interested in business and investing.

There is more than one aspect to financial success. One aspect if the ability to make money. However, there is another aspect that could be even more important than making money. This aspect if financial management. One of the reasons that this is important is that finances are unpredictable. For one thing, it can be very unpredictable the type of money that is going to come in. This is why it is important for people to know how to save up for a “rainy day”. However, too many people find themselves totally drained from the tragedy that they experience.

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Richard Blair Has Financial Flair

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions offers a wide array of financial services for his clients. He has a lengthy resume of providing sage financial advice and developing a sound, forward-looking plan for his clients. His services and knowledge help people grow, protect, and wisely manage their assets. Wealth Solutions is a Registered Investment Advisory firm with a successful track record of helping clients at every stage of their financial life. This would include starting a savings or investing plan, and then every step toward retirement planning. Wealth Solutions under the leadership of Richard Blair is a strong ally for financial life. Learn more:

The Three Pillars Approach is the framework in which Blair and company advise and work with clients. Pillar one is when a financial roadmap is designed according to each client’s circumstances. This involves developing a working relationship with the client by determining things like risk tolerance, goals, and identifying good opportunities for growth.

Pillar two is the implementation of a long-term strategy. This is in accordance with the client’s goals and cash flow needs. Richard Blair provides active management to take advantage of good market conditions. In the same way, he gets conservative when the market is declining to protect the monetary base and help minimize losses.

Pillar three is determining the client’s need for insurance at various stages of life. Blair has extensive credentials and provides timely answers regarding a client’s need for life insurance. With the uncertainty of life, his knowledge can help clients prepare for life’s curve balls. Disability insurance and annuities are also part of this pillar.

Richard Blair was strongly influenced by his family’s teaching tradition. With several close family members having served as teachers, he was inspired to teach as well in the financial realm. By providing financial education Blair helps customers enjoy their lives with fewer worries about money. He excels at helping individuals, families, and small businesses achieve a greater health in their financial lives.

Wealth Solutions is based in Austin, Tx. They also serve surrounding areas such as Marble Falls, Houston, Bastrop, New Braunfels and Georgetown. Richard Blair has extensive credentials in the world of finance. Some of these include Certified Annuity Specialist® (CAS®), a Certified Estate and Trust Specialist® (CES®), a Certified Fund Specialist® (CFS®), a Certified Income Specialist® (CIS®), a Certified Tax Specialist®(CTS®), and a Retirement Income Certified Professional® (RICP®). He has the knowledge and ability to give clients peace of mind. Learn more:


Sam Tabar Taking A Look At The Winning Mentality

Sam Tabar is an American hedge fund manager and attorney. He has an excellent career journey. Tabar couples as a professional investor, a capital strategist, and counsel. This is quite outstanding. He has had a long career journey and has gained a plethora of knowledge and experience in the legal field, investment, and finance field.

He is the director and head of capital strategy for the Asia Pacific region. He is the former business development executive at Sparx group. He is the former head of capital strategy at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He has experience in serving hedge funds in Hong Kong with Merrill Lynch. He enjoys his work and performs it with excellence and ease. He works hard to protect his client’s investments legally and analyzes each account to be able to offer them the best advice on what to do next.

He was born in a lower-middle-class family and went to Royal Academy. His father was a car mechanic. He owned a small store where his mother assisted him. He made money at the local pizza parlor. His hard work and determination paid off.

According to Bloomberg, Sam Tabar went to Columbia Law School where he studied Law and Oxford University. He earned Bachelor of Arts with honors. His career journey began after being accepted for an Associate position at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meager, Flom LLP. He was absorbed here after graduating from Columbia Law School.

Tabar has worked with major international firms in New York City. He is a registered member of the New York bar. He offers legal counsel and advice through his Thumbtack profile. He counsels clients on hedge fund formation and structure, investment management agreements, regulatory and compliance issues, employment issues, side letters, and private placement memoranda.

He was honored to take the role of COO at the full cycle energy fund. He is learned, has enormous experience, and has grown to each position. He is an all-rounded lawyer and financial strategist. He loves traveling and event hosting.