Success Academy Grows Ready for more Success


As anyone who drops off their children at school, or has the pleasure of remembering those glory days, can tell you that it is a real production at times. On the flip side of that coin, how many people understand the full-on production that is education is within the NYC (New York City)? One person who can tell you for sure is Eva Moskowitz. Her experience comes first hand as she is founder of the charter school Success Academy.



What she can tell you is that success, either by nature or circumstance, is demanding at times. In fact, the backdrop of a need for continued growth seems completely overwhelming. But, as a CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Success Academy and a leader in in her field, Moskowitz is ready and willing to look the situation in in the eye. Currently, her hands are tied with regulations and from city officials.



In the meantime, thousands of families are in a close run to find the right education for their children. And, the competition grows every year, which naturally only adds to the conflict and anxiety. Waiting lists contain thousands of names, while more and more people seek to flee a public schooling system that fails them. This is a reality for Success Academy.



But, it is not like Success Academy is not already doing its best on the matter. They have 41 schools in all seven boroughs, except for Staten Island. Even so, they face a push back from officials that point to statics they do not like. Some of officials argue the quality of results when it comes to the charter systems in place. As a reply to this claim, the schools say that the simple demand for the service they provide is proof and purpose enough for their continued service and growth.