Roseann Bennett Seeks New Ways To Bring Mental Health Relief To Adolescents


If Roseann Bennett, founder of the Center for Assessment and Treatment, could impart one idea upon readers it would be this: adolescents are just as much in need of mental health support as adults, but oftentimes treatment is infinitely more difficult to find. Bennett is a licensed marriage and family therapist based out of New Jersey. For more than a decade, Bennett had worked as an inpatient and outpatient therapist for marital counseling and family therapy. After realizing how difficult it was for her patients to get an appointment in a decent amount of time, Roseann Bennett would go on to establish the non-profit mental health facility known as the Center for Assessment and Treatment. The non-profit facility is now firing on all cylinders and it is due in large part to the hard work that Bennett continues to put in, including her decision to include canine-assisted therapy.


While much of Bennett’s work is focused on aiding family units, she realized early on that children need to be paid special attention. When a child attends therapy they are going to be more vulnerable and self-aware than ever before. As a result, it can be hard for licensed therapists like Bennett to break through to these children. In order to make it easier to break through to these adolescents, Bennett is turning to canine-assisted therapy in order to make it happen.


Canine-Assisted Therapy has been in use since the late ’70s but it has been found to be particularly effective with children over the past several years. When confronted with a therapy dog, most children will feel more comfortable and open about their feelings. Therapy canines help these children to explain their problems without feeling like they are being judged harshly which is absolutely vital for breakthroughs. For families looking to get help for their children, Roseann Bennett’s facility might be the right place. Get More Information Here.


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Support Pump Aid by Buying Waiakea Bottled Water

The people of the developed world know that they can get clean water any time they want. Even if they cannot get their preferred brand of bottled water, they do not need to worry that the water that comes out of their tap could give them water-borne diseases. Many of these diseases are things of the past in the developed world. The average person living in the United States, Europe and now many parts of China does not think about their water supply. The same thing cannot be said for people who live in developing areas. For them, gaining access to clean water can be a matter of life and death. Waiakea water, a bottled water company that sources its product from a Hawaiian volcanic spring, wants to change all that.

Thousands of villages and villagers living in Sub-Saharan Africa can benefit from specialized pumps, and the bottled water company has teamed up with a charity called Pump Aid to make sure this happens. Without these pumps, thousands of people die from water-related illnesses each year. Children are hit the hardest by diseases like cholera, a bacteria that lives in unclean water sources. Pump Aid works to place these specialized pumps in villages throughout the world.

Pump Aid works mostly in a small country called Malawi. The small African country has a high infant mortality rate, and the charity wants to see that change. In every village that receives one of its special pumps, the infant mortality rates go down. The health of all the villagers, including children and adults, improves as well. There are many ways for someone to contribute to the Pump Aid, including donating money to the organization directly. Donating directly to the charity is a good thing, but you can also donate to Pump Aid indirectly by enjoying Waiakea bottled water.