The Efforts Of Sam Boraie In Real Estate Development And Charity

Sam Boraie is a great business leader who serves as the Vice President of the Boraie Development, LLC. He is a son of a recognized property developer, Omar Boiraie who is the founder and the current Chief Executive Officer of the reputable company. During his several years of work in senior management positions, Sam Boraie has made great contributions that have propelled the company to greater heights. According to the NY Times, he is responsible for setting up new targets in addition to monitoring progress towards attaining the targets. Sam has been in the family business for quite a long time and the top-rated company has given him a chance to build business-related experience and reputation together with his brother and a sister. View his full bio on

Besides Sam’s tight schedule of managing key projects of Boraie Developments, he takes part in numerous charitable activities and enjoys social life as well. As if that is not sufficient, he is one of the respected members of the Board of Trustees of the famous State Theatre of New Jersey. If you are reading about Sates Theatre for the first time, this is a culture based program that is responsible for numerous productions every year. Since the Theatre depends largely on grants and charitable donations, Sam Boraie and the rest of Boraie family members have made great contributions towards the success of the theatre.

Sam is also supporting Elijah’s Promise, one of the leading charitable foundations that focus on assisting the disadvantaged and breaking the cycle of poverty among the residents of New Jersey. Some of the objectives of the organization include ending hunger, empowering individuals, supplying safe and healthy foodstuffs, and creating employments. Sam is a Director who sits on the Board responsible for planning and developing the philanthropic activities of the organization.

Boraie Development, LLC has attained great achievements under the influence and effort of Sam Boraie, Boraie Development is a premier real estate development in the United States. The company has its main office in New Jersey and its effort in largely felt in New Brunswick due to the current project that aims at fortifying the city. So far, the company has created numerous multi-use amenities that are appealing to new residents, entrepreneurs, and professionals to live in the new apartments, set up businesses or rent office spaces. Besides, Boraie Development has played a significant role in revitalizing Atlantic City after suffering a great economic downturn.

Sam and his team have completed a few admirable projects. However, these are just part of the initial steps towards the attainment of the long-term plan to develop cities. If the company maintains the development pace, it is likely to drive great change through providing executive facilities to the residents and visitors. In addition to establishing own facilities, the company has collaborated with numerous entities to come up with modern facilities that suit the needs of city dwellers. The experienced property development firm also creates, manages and sells high-end properties in different parts of the country. These achievements are a clear indication of the positive contribution of Sam Boraie, his father, and siblings taking part in the reputable family business.