Guilherme Paulus Offers Tips To Young Entrepreneurs Looking To Make A Name In The Tourism Industry

One of the names in the hotel and tourism industry of Latin America that has become hugely popular in the last couple of decades is that of Guilherme Paulus. He is the founder of CVC Brazil, which is a tour and travel agency that is largest in Latin America. If you are looking to travel any part of the world with affordable packages, then rest assured that CVC Brazil would provide you with the travel packages that you can afford with ease.

He started his career by selling airfare tickets and even worked for IBM for a while. However, later with the help of an investor, he started CVC Brazil and when the partner left the firm; he went on to manage the firm by himself.

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Guilherme Paulus is a man who is constantly on the search for new business opportunities, and it is why he started GJP Hotels and Resorts, which has a total of 19 properties currently. He wants to dominate the tour and travel industry, and hospitality industry came as a natural entry for him. The success of GJP Hotels and Resorts can be attributed to the business and marketing skills of Guilherme Paulus, who has helped make CVC Brazil the largest tour operator in Latin America. His net worth is approximately over two billion and as GJP Hotels and Resorts continues to achieve new heights of success; his net worth is only going to increase in the time to come.

Guilherme Paulus believes that in the tourism industry, people are assets. It is the reason why he hires only the best people for the position. He feels that in the hospitality industry, it is essential for the employees to be humble and courteous so that they can provide the best service to their clients. The reason Guilherme Paulus is a successful entrepreneur is because he made efforts to make people comfortable and provide them with extra service that many people do not expect. When you are visiting a new country and you are treated nicely, you are going to remember the person and also recommend him or her to others.

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Steve Ritchie Leads Recovery Of Pap John’s As He Writes Apology Letter To Customers

Steve Ritchie is the CEO of Papa John’s, one of the prominent pizza suppliers around the world. The company has been built on a strong foundation of respect and care for their customers. Every step the company takes is meant to meet the needs of the customers. It is for this reason that it has grown in multiple countries and is considered among the top three pizza suppliers in the world. When the company was recently hit by discontentment from the customers over some utterances made by one of the senior managers in the company, a solution had to be found in the shortest time possible. CEO Steve Ritchie was quick to take that mantle and offer necessary guidance.

The measures that the company will take to ensure that there is an immediate solution to outstanding issues include sending senior managers to the field, to talk with the customers, employees, and franchises. These hard-working partners of the company need to be considered during in decisions making since they hold the highest share in the business. Steve Ritchie Papa John’s is also willing to incorporate transparency in the operation of the company. According to Biz Journals, he wants to ensure that at all times, no single person will feel neglected by the company. Transparency is a critical factor in business since it assures the customers that they are getting the best deal. CEO Ritchie will lead from the front by taking charge of the restoration process.

The restoration process will ensure that the customers are always treated with respect in this company. Everything he is doing in the company is meant to facilitate restoration of the customers’ confidence in the company. This company is ready to earn respect through acts of care to their customers. Steve Ritchie notes that this company is bigger than any person who works for it. The utterances of one person should not be used to hurt thousands of hardworking employees. Steve Ritchie has apologized to the customers while at the same time outlining measures that they will take to deal with the weaknesses. They will work with external auditors to assess the culture of the company.


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Ryan Seacrest, A Celebrated Media Personality Continue To Inspire Millions Of People Through His Shows

Ryan Seacrest is an entrepreneur and worker in the media industry with permanent positions in nationally syndicated radio, cable television and broadcast, and a host and producer at a local radio station.

The real-life relationship between Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa has inspired ABC to develop a comedy series titled ‘Work Life’ that has received full support from the network. The show aims at exploring the dynamics of life of people that have limited boundaries with one another known as the “Work Spouses” and how their relationships with other people are affected. The series will be inscribed and produced by Michael Ian Black while Ryan Seacrest will be working as the executive producer from his production company, Ryan Seacrest Productions together with Andrea Shay and Nina Wass from RSP. On the other hand, Ripa, Albert Bianchini, and Mark Consuelo will be executive producers under Milojo banner,andABC studios will do the production.

The tow, Ryan Seacrest and Ripa currently co-host the “Live with Kelly and Ryan” show in the syndicated ABC a.m. show. Ripa joined the show in 2010 while Ryan Seacrest joined her as a permanent co-host in 2017. The two are under great general deals with ABC Studios. Despite co-hosting the morning show, Seacrest hosts ABC’s “American Idol.”

Michael Black is well known in his active role in acting in projects like “The State,” “Another Period,” and “Wet Hot American Summer.”Ryan has also worked as a writer in the “The State” and “Another Period” and other films like “Run, Fat Boy, Run!” Franklin Weinrib and CAA are representing Milojo Productions while Hansen and CAA will represent RSP.

Despite his achievements in the media industry, Ryan Seacrest is a dedicated philanthropist with his efforts directed towards the youth. He is the Honorary Chairman of the German Foundation and as the chairman of his foundation the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. The foundation aims at creating new broadcast media centers in pediatric hospitals so that the patients can discover the artistic realm of radio and television. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation intents to help the children in the recovery process as well as supporting their visiting parents. Contact Ryan Seacrest on Facebook today.

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A report by Felipe Montoro Jens reveals the ailing state of Brazil’s infrastructure

Brazil is the largest economy in South America representing at least 60 percent of the entire Latin America economy. Despite having a strong economy, the Brazilian infrastructure still lags due to lack of adequate financing and sound policies by the government. A recent report prepared by the National Confederation of Industry (CNI) paints a clear of an ailing economy.

The report entitled “Great works stopped: How to face the problem?” utilized data gathered by Brazil’s Minister of Planning, Dyogo Oliveira. The study, which commenced at the end of 2017 sought to highlight the current economic situation and its effects on the implementation of various infrastructure related projects. More about Felipe Montoro Jens at

Details of the CNI report

Felipe Montoro Jens, an infrastructural expert, broke down the details of the study which indicated the situation hit sanitation the worst. The report shows that at least 2,796 projects have either stopped before being finalized or stopped before being implemented. Out of the 2,796 projects, 517 are directly linked to infrastructure.

The government has already spent at least R $ 10.7 billion in these unfinished projects. Out of the 517 incomplete infrastructural projects, 447 are related to sanitation, 16 airport projects, eight roads projects, six port-related projects, five railway, and another five waterway projects.

Reasons for the stalemate

Felipe Montoro Jens notes that economic constraints are the major challenge to the implementation of these projects. He also notes that most of the institutions lack proper funding to implement and complete these projects.

Montoro Jens, an infrastructural expert, recommends several measures that will ensure better planning and execution of government projects. These measures include improving microplanning, utilizing the appropriate execution model, equipping teams with the necessary tools and strengthening internal control. Felipe Montoro Jens also reported that the study by the CNI is part of a series of documents handed to the presidential candidates.



Robert Ivy Has Earned Many Distinguished Titles In His Career

Robert Ivy is a world-renowned architect who is highly regarded by his peers. Ivy has made many significant achievements throughout his career. The latest was a Lifetime Achievement Award given to him by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters. The Award has been presented to other notable names such as Morgan Freeman and Walter Anderson. Ivy is credited for making exceptional strides in the world of architecture.

Robert ivy is in rare company with the Lifetime Achievement Award. He is the first architect to ever be presented with such an honor in the state of Mississippi. Ivy has established himself as a person who delivered the message of architecture in a very unique way, which has brought widespread attention to the art form. Find out more about Robert on Tulane School of Architecture.

Robert Ivy took over as CEO of the American Institute of Arts in 2011. His leadership revised the organization. Ivy shined a light on the different nuances of the programs during his time as CEO. The membership has swelled to its highest in the 160 year history of the Institute.

In 1996 Robert Ivy took over as editor-in-chief of the Architectural Record. The Architectural Record is a journal that brings information and insights of architecture to an international community of aspiring artists and curious scholars. The Architectural Record became an award-winning publication under Ivy’s leadership. It received the American Society of Magazine Editors National Magazine Award for General Excellence. This achievement was significant because this particular organization does not normally recognize professional journals.

Robert ivy has received several individual titles that has separated him from many of his peers. He was given the Crain Award, which does not normally get presented to individuals. Ivy has also earned the title of Master Architect from the Alpha Rho Chi National Architectural Fraternity. He is one of seven to receive it in the 100 Year history of the fraternity.

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Adam Milstein Discusses Potential Steps To Keep Strength In The Jewish Community

Holocaust Journey

Adam Milstein and his wife Gila journeyed into six of the countries that were affected by the Holocaust to get a better understanding of the genocide that took place a while back. They got a chance to see the inhumane conditions and they visited mass graves where hundreds of thousands were buried. As they saw the sights in these places the thoughts came up about the potential for history to repeat itself, especially in America. They discussed how these types of mass situations can be prevented. Three main points stuck out to them from their journey.

Details Of The Three Points

The first point Adam Milstein talked about was an incident such as the Holocaust was not a random unplanned event. It is the end result of a racist system that includes discrimination and intimidation of people over several years. Dehumanization of a race for so long can finally convince the public that getting rid of a group of people is the best answer. The second point from Adam Milstein was anti-Semitism must be acknowledge and attacked every time it surfaces. Without taking action, we are showing approval and letting something become the new norm. The third and final point he shared was Israel, the homeland of the Jewish people must be supported. It is responsible for saving millions of Jews running from anti-Semitism globally. Ultimately we must take the lessons we learned from the Holocaust and keep Jewish people safe going forward. Go beyond remembering the Holocaust, work to prevent another one.


About Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein works at Hager Pacific Properties as a managing partner. He is in charge of the company’s financing, disposition as well as property management. Adam is from Israel and he served in the IDF for the Yom Kippur War. Adam graduated from Technion in 1978 and came to the US in 1981 where he got his MBA from USC. He is a philanthropist and community leader. He focuses on the strength of the Jewish People as well as the State of Israel. He and his wife have a foundation called the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. They live in Encino, California. The Milstein family has three children and three grandkids.

The DAMAC Owner’s Journey To Being A success In The Real Estate Industry

Hussain Sajwani is among the wealthiest Arabs in the world and is the founding father and chairman of the international real estate giant, DAMAC Properties. He attended the University of Washington where he earned a degree in Industrial Engineering and later joined GASCO, a national oil company in Abu Dhabi as a gas contractor. In 1983, he left and started his business centered around catering and called it the Al Jazeera Services Company and is still a market player serving more than 200 projects in the CIS, Middle East, and Africa.

The DAMAC owner started the real estate company headquartered in Dubai in 2002 and has employed close to 2000 individuals in all its branches in cities like Doha, Lebanon, Jeddah, and London. Hussain Sajwani identified the market opportunity in 1995 when he noticed that many guests that streamed into the company for business did not have accommodation. Today, DAMAC properties is a publicly listed company with its shares trading in the Dubai Financial market and are well known for delivering homes with their development portfolios. They have currently completed 20, 880 homes and are working on 44,000 other complexes.

In an article published at, it says that as a pioneer brand in the industry, the DAMAC owner has collaborated with recognized brands to bring in fresh concepts to the already existing plans. Among these brands are Tiger Woods, Italian Fashion Houses, Versace, Fendi Casa and designers like Just Cavalli. Besides, they have also partnered with Bugatti, a brand that has enabled them to market themselves exclusively like no other player in the market giving their clients Lamborghinis for buying apartments.

Hussain Sajwani is an all-time investor holding different security portfolios in several regional and global markets. He is the chairman of AL Anwar Ceramics Tiles Co, the largest ceramics manufacturer of ceramic tiles in Oman and the founder of DICO Investments, a company that has its investments divided into four divisions which are the strategic holdings, long-term investments, ownership of subsidiaries and debt collection instruments. Outside of business, the DAMAC owner is a family man with four children. He was ranked the fourth richest Arab in the world with a net worth of 4.1 billion dollars.

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Victoria Doramus’ Journey Towards Recovering From Drug Addiction

Having battled drug addiction for over 15 years, Victoria Doramus has finally managed to attain a state of sobriety and is now a recovery expert helping others with the same challenge. She hopes to start a center in New York that will be based on the principle of the 12 steps that helped her recover while in the Burning tree, a rehabilitation center in Austin.Prior to this, she had been to two different rehabs with the hope of changing her draining lifestyle. At the Age of 26, she had gone to Sierra Tucson in Arizona and left after 45 days with the more understanding of herself than the disease she was battling. After a while of seeing no progress, she moved to a rehabilitation center in Connecticut for 60 days trying to prove to her mother that she had her life in control but instead lost all her family and friends in the process. Prior to that, she was busy with her own fashion collection which was available at

In the Burning Tree center, Victoria Doramus went through the 12 step program that resembled a boot camp set up. Together with other patients, their day would start at 5:45 AM with prayers and meditation, then they would work out chores and later attend compulsory group meetings where they were taught how to accept their situations and reflect on bad habits that they needed to change to lead a better life. At night, as per, they had AA meetings that aimed at connecting them with the highest powers so that they can receive a unique understanding of who they were.

According to, Victoria Doramus left the institution in August 2017 and went to Dallas to work in order to preoccupy her mind and raise money. Towards the end of the year, she flew back to New York and joined addiction non-profits that were helping drug addicts through their recovery journey. See Victoria’s resume here.

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Hussain Sajwani and the DAMAC Properties Company

Hussain Sajwani is a reputable business person. His career efforts are felt in the middle east region and beyond. He is the CEO, chairman, and founder of DAMAC Group.

Hussain Sajwang is a graduate of the University of Washington. He acted as a contract manager of GASCO, which was a part of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. After a while, Hussain established his own business. He also began his catering venture in 1984. As a pioneer of the property market expansions in the region, he established several hotels in the mid-1990s. The hotels accommodated the expanding influx of foreigners flogging in the area to trade.

In 2002, he established DAMAC Properties. The company has grown to become the leading property development company in the region. The Hussain Sajwani ‘s company has proven to possess a track record of forays in capital markets and the global equity.

As a leading company in the market, Hussain Sajwani (@hussainsajwani) and the company has joined forces together with the highly recognized lifestyle and fashion brands in bringing up exciting and new concepts of living in the market. Luxury villas done by Bugatti, Paramount Resorts and Hotels that are uniquely conceptualized, and the Tiger Woods were designed to be managed by the Trump Organization among others.

DAMAC Property company has many projects spread in the cities of Doha, Beirut, Jeddah, Dubai, and London. It deals in investment in private equities besides acquisitions and merges. It also holds minority and majority in the public companies. The company focuses on value proposition in the regional and global sphere of investments. says that Hussain Sajwani and his business relationship with Donald Trump’s family goes beyond the political and the position’s perspective. Hussain Sijwani hopes to boost the business relationship with the Trump Organization. The two titans in real estate celebrated the eve of the new year together. Besides, they have collaborated on the Golf Club, which has raised the sales beyond $2 billion.

Hussain Sajwani is a kind man as he donates to the needy. He handed a cheque worth two million for AED to clothe one million needy children. In 2011, the DAMAC Properties initiated a hospitality division, which would offer bespoke services to locals in 7,957 hotel apartments. Read this Bloomberg article for more information.

Sajwani talks about the opportunity he saw when he started DAMAC:

The Entrepreneurship Of Hussain Sajwani And Its Impacts

Starting from the bottom up, the entrepreneurial journey of Hussain Sajwani is one to be recapped. He came from a yellow background and grew to be aggressive and determined. He entered the business world at a tender age as a catering agent in the real estate. The experience gave him skills and knowledge on how to run a business.

The undying dream and determination to create a difference made Hussain Sajwani start his company in the early twenty-first century. DAMAC Properties is a real estate investment company which is specialized in many areas including restructuring, building, decorating and relocation among others. It gives quality services as it comprises of great workers who are skilled and knowledgeable in different sectors. The management is also excellent as the president, and Chief Executive Officer is Hussain Sajwani who has the know-how of what it encompasses to run a business.

Over the years Hussain Sajwani has grown to gain a fantastic reputation that led to his recognition and award as one of the best real estate investors. Through the vigor and the urge to create a difference and allow the society to grow, the company has gained many contracts which some are operational such as those in the Middle East.

With the growing market and name come new and excellent opportunities. Therefore, the excellent work done by DAMAC Properties has led Hussain Sajwani to get the chance to meet great people and have a partnership with some. For instance, he entered into a partnership with Donald Trump to build him a project. The project created was a luxurious resort and golf club located in one of the Arabian countries.

The business partnership of Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump has grown to be more than just a partnership. The two have developed to be personal friends and assist each other in various dimensions. For instance, in a social event concerning the DAMAC owner‘s family, the son of Donald Trump got to attend it as a way to give the company and show the friendship. Moreover, Hussein Sajwani participated in the Sander campaign that meant to instill a perspective in the political realm showing how involved they got in their daily dealings.