Freedom Checks V.S. Trump Bonus Checks: The Two Best Investments that Support the United States

There are few investments that are as profitable and has as much potential as what’s been called “Freedom Checks.” However, a new business type of investment has also surfaced in the investment industry, and that is the Trump Bonus Checks, and there is a dispute between the two as to what is the current best investment.Freedom Checks started as an unknown investment in the United States that was discovered by investors who were researching opportunities in the Oil and Gas industry.

The United States has many laws and makes plenty of decisions to strengthen and give more opportunity to corporations that explore the natural resources of the coast of the U.S., and that is no different from the oil and gas industry.Because of that, there is a law that made one of the most profitable investments of our country possible, and it is called Statute 26-F. This statute says the following, roughly: There are a few selected industries in the oil & gas department that can send monthly checks to investors who fund their services. These checks return the money investment after some time with a very high profit over it.

This is how Freedom Checks started

Some time passed without investors knowing about this opportunity, but now the investment has been popularized, and many are funding these industries in the natural resources area and receiving a high percentage over their investments.Trump Bonus Checks is also a great investment type that has surfaced as an opportunity for investors to fund actions from the government and support their country.

Trump Bonus Checks are dividends, much like the Freedom Checks, that are received when you invest in companies that are directly linked to the government in some way or another. This means that you will be supporting the country, the presidency and will be rewarded with profit over investments.Both investments are very profitable with a high percentage of return over the money you invested, and, if you want to support the industries of the United States that provide oil and gas to the population, Freedom Checks is for you.

How Gareth Henry’s Knowledge of Mathematics Made Him a Success in the Finance Sector

Gareth Henry, a successful entrepreneur, and an investor is a well-known name in the finance industry. He is a man with strict principles and habits that help him stay productive every day. With 17 years of experience, he has played various roles in major financial institutions. Gareth Henry is a math geek and loved playing with numbers since he was a teenager. With a degree in Actuarial Mathematics from the University of Edinburgh, he managed to combine mathematics and finance to his advantage which gave him an edge over many.

He kickstarted his career with Watson Wyatt as an analyst in 2011 and after 3 years moved on the major investment firm called SEI Investments, Philadelphia as an accounts manager. Unfortunately, due to certain circumstances, his left the company in a year. Later he joined at Schroders with the big responsibility of the Director of Strategic Solutions. This is the first time he was overseeing the complete private equity division of the company and believes his experience at Schroders came in handy in the later years of his career.

In June 2007, Gareth Henry took a big leap in his career and joined Fortress Investment Group, the largest alternative-asset Investment firm in the market space. He served as the Head of International Investors Relations for 8 long years. He played an important role in uplifting the sales and marketing division of the company. His last move was to Angelo Gordon & Co., a $26 billion dollar investment firm that focuses on Credit, private equity and real estate divisions.

Gareth Henry has been always expressive about his strategies and personal learnings, which gives us a brief outline of his successful career. He believes that meditation and yoga keep him fit and productive throughout the day. After he graduated from college, being a math geek, he could figure out patterns in the financial world and took up a course in risk management. This is when he understood his calling and dived in the financial sector starting as an Analyst at Watson & Wyatt.

Gareth Henry understands that it was his passion and enthusiasm for the field that made him successful in life. Being an integral member of the financial world he keeps himself updated with the current trends in the market. Gareth admitted that he was intrigued by the technology used in the field of cryptocurrency. He also mentioned following the blockchain technology which is projected to revolutionize the business industry.