Agera Energy: An Energy Provider Of Great Merit

Opening its doors in 2014, Agera Energy is a retail energy supplier offering change, guidance, and protection in a marketplace that’s become otherwise “crowded.” Working diligently to make to their mark on their industry, Agera Energy acquired numerous corporations in hopes of expanding their reach. This savvy business tactic reaped substantial rewards, with Agera Energy growing by leaps and bounds within the next few years.

Hallmarked for their client-centric sales team, Agera Energy is exceedingly focused on fulfilling consumer needs, wants, and desires. Agera Energy maintains that this unique marketing approach has set them apart from the competition. Above all else, Agera Energy aims to be transparent “at every stage of the process.” While Agera Energy’s undoubtedly won support from the public, they’re also held in high regard by employees. From the fair compensation to the great benefits, staffers relish the abundant opportunities that Agera Energy offers.

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New Residential Investment Corp Thrives Uunder Michael Nierenberg

During his 14 year tenure at Bear sterns, Mr. Nierenberg the CEO of New Residential Investment Corp, has led many of the exchange firm’s investment sectors including; mortgage backed securities, foreign exchange trading and structured products. He joined the Bear Sterns board of directors for the two years prior to his departure. When mike Nierenberg and Jim De Mare both joined Merrill Lynch in September 2008, they were labeled as being among the most knowledgeable and highly skilled people in mortgage business

At Lehman brothers; Michael Nierenberg, along with Wes Edens, Fortress’ co-founder became key players to the formulation of the adjustable rate in the company’s mortgage business. The Market Screener’s website also states that as far as 1996, Mr. Nierenberg was chairman of the Samuel Waxman cancer research foundations. His holdings currently stand at a valuation of $13,976,984 with equities of $985,602.

Mr. Nierenberg has seized every opportunity to ensure NRZ’s capital and its access to liquidity stays strong to maximize its profits and remain in a wonderful financial position. He is seen to be proud of his team and encourages them to continue creating terrific value when reviewing NRZ quarter performance. Michael’s skill, knowledge, and vast experience made him get the director badge from the board of directors. Over the years, Mr. Nierenberg has proven them nothing but accurate. He focuses on several segments: Residential Mortgage Loans, Real Estate Securities, Servicer Advances Corporate and Consumer Loans.

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Diversification of Fortress Investment Group

The emergence of Fortress Investment Group LLC in the world market has seen investment grow rapidly. Since its inception, Fortress Investment Group (FIG) has increased service delivery to customers and created employment opportunities that have seen many people being employed to serve in various positions in the company. Investment performance is their motto. Currently, FIG is the leading and the most diversified world investment manager. It boasts of having assets worth billions of US dollar. FIG stands out to adjust returns to their investors for a long term.

FIG foundation, awards, growth More Business News at

Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 by four partners namely; Wesley R., Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal Nardone. It is a management firm for investment and it is situated in New York City. It was started as a private equity firm and became the first biggest private equity firm to be traded publicly in the US. FIG later grew into hedge funds, real estate – related investments and debt securities. It was later named ‘Hedge Fund Manager of the year’ IN 2014 by Institutional Investor. In the same year, FIG was declared Management Firm of the Year by HFMWEEK. In 2012, Fortress won Discretionary Macro-Focused Hedge Fund of the Year and Credit-Focused Fund of the Year.

Fortress Investment Group partnership with Richard Branson’s Virgin Group

A lot of information has been ditched in the media about Fortress glooming partnership with Richard Branson’s Virgin Group. Sources privy to the top leadership of the two companies have unraveled the information. It is, however, true that FIG is planning to partner with Richard Branson’s Virgin Group to expand their boundaries of operation and control world market. Richard Branson wants to transform air travel with more advanced jets. The bright line will rename itself Virgin Trains USA. Branson has held discussions with Bright line chairman and Wes Edens who is a co-founder of Fortress Investment Group in Miami. They discussed their vision of partnering and expanding their operations nationwide.

Patrick Goddard, the Bright-line president was heard saying that because of their shared values and good track records of Virgin, their partnership will assist in amplifying their efforts and potential growth as they plan to expand to new markets to provide more effective services to their customers. Their plan to partner will be decided upon fully this month.

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Randal Nardone: Pacesetting In The Hedge Fund Industry

Randal Nardone is a Biology and English Graduate from the University of Connecticut and a Doctor of Jurisprudence from the University of Boston. He began his career as a Lawyer at the Thatcher Proffitt & Woods Law Firm before his transformation into the financial sector. He then joined BlackRock Financal Management Inc., and later UBS. He is also a director of the Eurocastle Investment Incorporation. In 1998, he joined in the co-founding of the Fortress Investment Group together with his co-founders Rob Kauffman and Wesley Edens. Fortress has seen several acquisitions such as the Canadian Intrawest in 2006, RailAmerica Inc. in 2006, and Florida East Coast Industries in 2007. The company has also taken some of portfolios public including Brookdale Inc, GAGFAH, Aircastle Ltd and RailAmerica Inc. Other joint acquisitions include the partnership with Centerbridge partners to acquire Penn National Gaming, a firm that operates casinos and horse racing.

Under the co-leadership of Randal Nardone, the firm has invested more than $70 billion in credit funds, private equity firm, and other assets. The firm became a pacesetter becoming the first in the industry to be traded on the United States Stock market publicly. The firm has received numerous awards over the years. It is famous for its capability in dealing with mergers and acquisitions. The management employs the low-cost, low-risk rule to ensure the success of their clients. Randal Nardone is wholly impressed by the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group by the Japanese Banking giant SoftBank Group Corporation. He is confident about the strengthening of Fortress with the accompanying benefits such as the increased access to credit facilities and rapid growth rate. The firm is set to continue with their area of specialization.

In 2009, Randal Nardone led the company in the acquisition of Sheffield, a 58 story building after the owner defaulted on a loan payment. Randal Nardone has contributed to the formation of employee benefits of the company since its inception. These include stimulating work environment, employee training and support positive impact on future career prospects, competitive salaries and the opportunities to learn and grow professionally. The success story of operations has named the company as one of the most coveted employers.

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Randal Nardone And Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone founded Fortress Investment Group in 1998, and he is currently their CEO. He wanted to build a place that could offer people alternative investment options, and he has been on the cutting edge of those investments since the company was founded. Randal is an expert in financial world, and he has long been sought after by others who need his advice.

1. Why Start Fortress Investment Group?

Fortress Investment Group was founded by Randal Nardone because he wanted to be much more creative with the investments that people did. That makes it easier for people to save money, and there are a few people who will find that they can come to this company to invest in better places. There are some people who are concerned about being more diverse, and that is why they need to use Fortress Investment Group.

2. Identifying Better Places To Invest

There are many great places for people to invest, and they will find that they can invest in South America. The markets in South America are very helpful to people who want to save money, and they could find new companies that have just grown in that area. Fortress wants people to have better chances of saving that money, and Randal Nardone has been working on different places to invest there.

3. Guiding A Stable Business

Randal Nardone has done the research needed to guide a stable business, and he is trying to help people in his company make the best choices. There are several people who use Fortress who want to make the most money because they are trying to derive a full-time income from these investments. Fortress lets people invest in stocks, bonds, and any other investment type that is good for them or their business.

4. Conclusion

The best part of Fortress Investment Group is that it can help people make the most money possible. They can come to this company when they need more help, and they want to work with the brokers that Randal has trained to give the best customer service to all their clients.

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Freedom Checks Financial Security Achieved Through Smart Investment Strategy

Smart and timely investments can help secure your future financially. Many people are aware of the fact that finances are good for their financial future, but still, they end up making the mistake of not saving enough or investing timely. If you want to enjoy financial security in the future and don’t want to depend on others then following the advice of the financial experts who have years of experience backing them is a good idea. One of the financial experts who is supported by hundreds and thousands of people across the United States is Matt Badiali. He has been all over the economic news recently due to the advertisement where he is asking people to invest in MLPs to get regular income in the form of Freedom Checks. Learn more about Freedom Checks at

Freedom Checks are the dividends that his investors can get from investing in the MLPs or master-limited partnerships. Investing in MLPs is known to be highly fruitful for the investors as these companies are known to share most of their income with the investors. If you are one of the shareholders of the MLPs, then rest assured that you would get regular dividends as well. The good thing about the advice provided by Matt Badiali is that it is simple and easy to follow. If you are one of those who wants to create wealth over time to fulfill all your dreams post-retirement, then you need to invest smartly.

If you are not financially aware of where to invest and which investment product is worth it, then following experienced and seasoned investors like Matt Badiali is going to be worth it. In the last few years, thousands of people have benefitted from the advice provided by Matt Badiali. If you are also looking to get Freedom Checks as he says in his commercial, then you must subscribe to his newsletter named Real Wealth Strategist. It is in this newsletter that he shares with his followers his popular Freedom Checks strategy. With the investment strategy that he is suggesting in his newsletters, you can be sure of creating wealth over time and secure the financial future of you and your family.

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Freedom Checks: Investing Key

Matt Badiali is a Penn. State graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Science and a Masters in Science in Geology that he received from Florida Atlantic University. This man of science didn’t decide to work in finances all on his own, however. Matt Badiali had a friend who introduced him to the world of money seeing the potential in the degrees he had acquired and how they could be useful as an analyst and best financial advisor. He quickly took off in this field and made a reputation for himself. He earned his clients double and triple the amounts they had expected to receive during the time of their original investments. If that isn’t enough, he also invested six cent into a piece of property during the stock market crash of 2008 and by 2010 he was able to sell that same stock for $2.64. That would be a 4,400 percent gain that is extremely hard to come by for the average investor and sometimes even the big guys in  investment business.

With all of his qualifications, Badiali has also included author on his resume` with his newsletter “Real Wealth Strategist”. He has also introduced freedom checks which was a bit confusing for people, but has since become a small phenomenon. He debuted the new investment tool with a commercial featuring himself holding a large government check with a very large number written on it and people were immediately interested in how they could get in Freedom Checks. Freedom Checks allow investors to receive the highest possible returns from the government when they invest a certain amount into certain companies. These companies will likely be selling some sort of product or service that you will in turn receive a profit from with your initial investment. Freedom Checks are typically invested into companies that aren’t subject to taxation, therefore the promise of a large gain isn’t as outlandish as it sounds. Some customers have received as high as $160,000 in returns. It seems Matt Badiali is giving average investor they key to larger earnings.

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Softbank and Fortress Investment group set to work alongside each other after $3.3 acquisition deal

Ever since its establishment in 1988, Softbank continuously expands its focus from one area to another. For instance, it was once a company dealing with the wholesale of PC software before moving on to other areas such as tech, broadband, internet, e-commerce and many others. Fortunately, all the changes have been suiting it perfectly as it continues to expand and remains competitive at the same time. Even though today it is a global conglomerate and owns stakes in over 400 million firms, it seems that it is not yet done as it recently signed a $3.3 billion acquisition deal with Fortress Investment Group.

If most businesses were to achieve the prominence that Softbank boasts today, most would be satisfied and would not go through all the trouble that the firm went through just to have Fortress Investment group as its branch. In fact, most businesses would steer as far away as they can from the deal considering that even though it cost Softbank a whopping $3.3 billion, the Japanese firm still has no say on FIG’s assets. SoftBank to Buy Fortress Investment Group for $3.3 Billion.

Besides being quite an expensive deal, Softbank had to overcome other hurdles to complete the transaction. For instance, the firm had to pay a 39% premium to Fortress’s share price. It also had to transfer 25% of its stake in the UK’s arm holding to its investment fund, and on top of it all, its founder, Masayoshi had to pledge a $50 billion investment in the US.

Nevertheless, all the trouble was worth it considering that the acquisition of Fortress investment group will turn Softbank into one of the largest investment firms globally. Additionally, the $3.3 billion deal does not come as a surprise as Softbank has the habit of splashing money on investments it has set its eyes on. Fortunately, they always work and bring huge returns and considering the history of Fortress this one will be even bigger.

About Fortress investment group

Fortress is an asset management company based in New York and was established in 1998. The firm went public during the 2007 NYSE, but after the acquisition deal between it and Softbank, it has had the opportunity to go private again. Apart from asset management, Fortress also deals with credit funds and real estate. It is currently valued at over $40 billion and has over 900 employees.

Do you think freedom Check is a scam? Worry no more!

Take your time and Google about freedom checks and you will be able to get a list of some promising articles that talk about how freedom checks are legit and can help you may a lot of money. The reviews that you will get are mostly from those people who have a financial interest and will get you into signing.

There is a post that was published in Banyan Hills company and it claimed as freedom checks being a winning lottery. The article looks like news article but it is a marketing tactic which is meant to bring you that excitement when you hear about the great opportunity.

If you visit freedom checks website of 2018, there is a video which has a man that is the source of the idea. He is called Matt Badiali and runs the detail in the video. He talks about those people who will be receiving the freedom checks ranging $24,075, $66,570 and $160,923 but this will depend on the much you have a stake in the investment. In his hands, he holds a check which looks similar to that one from U.S Treasury.

So are the checks scam? Technically I will tell you, No! The problem is that it doesn’t seem as something convenient truth and still, you will not get the five-figure, a check that is in the mail after you have signed up. Learn more about Freedom Checks at

This name came from Matt Badiali which is based on a strategy of real estate investment. It is with Master Limited Partnerships(MLPs) investors that are paid because it is a return of the money that they have put for investment and it is usually monthly or Quarterly. After you have invested with MLPs, you have purchased their units, and you own a piece of the organization. You will be able to get returns depending on the performance of the company. The companies included in MPLs are energy and gas companies, according to a report from Investopedia.

These companies are publicly traded type with limited partnership and combine the partnership benefits to that of a public organization and it means that they are not paid like typical corporations. Learn more:


Shervin Pishevar: US Lagging Behind Other Developed Countries in Matters Infrastructure

Undoubtedly, infrastructural development is one of the key pillars of any economy. On February 2018, Shervin Pishevar lit up Twitter with 50, 21 hour-long tweets regarding the future of the U.S. economy among other topics. One of the issues that he tackled most concerned infrastructure. Infrastructure is key in ensuring that economic activities flow as expected. It helps to create convenience in matters of communication, transport, and housing.

Unfortunately, U.S. has greatly slowed its pace in developing its infrastructure as indicated by Shervin Pishevar. Shervin went ahead to tweet that “Speed of execution across many sectors from other regions is startling. Very little of frictions that are becoming systemic fractures here.” He maintains that the US economy will continue derailing if it does not improve its pace of execution. The quicker things are done, the more efficient the system becomes, making the life of the American people smoother.

Shervin Pishevar compared the speed of execution of the U.S. infrastructure to that of China. He tweeted “As an example of speed of execution that exists now in China. Last week China built a train station in 9 hours.” If China can construct an efficient transport system in such a short span of time, who is to say that the U.S. cannot? After all, they have the technology, the knowledge, and adequate workforce. Taking quick initiative in developing infrastructure will also provide a people with employment opportunities. This implies that infrastructural development could also minimize the existing unemployment rate significantly.

Unfortunately, the speed of execution is not something that the U.S. government prioritizes at the moment. Shervin Pishevar indicated this clearly in one of his tweets. He wrote, “Meanwhile, our infrastructure is in tatters, decrypt and decaying. Our government and companies are trapped in short-term thinking.” It is time the people realized this in order to take the necessary steps in developing infrastructure. Failure to do this will see the U.S. economy lag behind the economies of other developed countries such as China and UK. Additionally, an efficient infrastructural system could help bring essential services closer to the people and improve productivity.