Sahm Adrangi Might Have Saved Investors A Lot Of Money By Revealing The Downsides Of The St. Joe Company

Sahm Adrangi is the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital, which is a investment manager that is based out of New York. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Economics while studying at Yale University and served as an investment analyst for Longacre Fund Management. While there, he focused on investment research and analysis for the the company’s credit and equity fund. Before this, he worked with Chanin Capital Partners, which is a bankruptcy restructuring group. During his time with the company, he helped in an advisory position where he offered his knowledge to creditors, both, in and out of court as well as Chapter 11 restructurings. Today, he spots opportunities to short the stocks of companies who are not living up to their valuations.

Recently, Sahm Adrangi has put out a negative report on The St. Joe Company due to the fact that its budget is declining all while it puts off the development of the property that is supposed to revive it. The St. Joe Company is a billion dollar company that is hoping to turn a large desolate spread of land close to Panama City Beach into a place where retirees and businesses want to come to live and do business. The problem with this, as Sahm Adrangi reveals, is that the company is not very likely to develop the land, in question, in a way that makes it worth the supposed $1 billion valuation it has received.

In the negative report, Sahm Adrangi talks openly about the fact that the land is remote, desolate, and swampy, and that it is nothing like the rest of the land that St. Joe has developed, which is beachfront property. The present valuation is assuming that over 2,700 homesites along with 400,000 square-feet of commercial zone will be sold on a yearly basis. He points out the ridiculousness of this, because if this did happen, it would mean that the development would be the best-selling master-planned community in the whole of the United States. Adrangi points out this would be a miracle, because the land is highly undesirable.

HCR Wealth Advisors Shares Money Tips for Parents of Young Children

Children are much smarter about money than adults can fully comprehend. Money management can be introduced to them at their intellectual level, and children can usually comprehend the meaning and significance of these lessons. According to HCR Wealth Advisors, a registered investment advisory firm, children should be introduced to the basic fundamentals of money management through financial training that specifically matches their young lives and daily activities.


Children should earn an allowance for household chores. It is the easiest way to get them to have an appreciation for money. When a child is given chores, such as emptying the dishwasher or making sure the garbage is left for weekly pickup at the driveway, they’re earning their way. They come away with a better understanding of how money is earned.


As mentioned in an article published at Glassdoor, once a child has earned their own money, suddenly, they become more protective of it. That is the perfect time to help them set up a budget. A child can appreciate the same income and expense factors that you understand with a job and a mortgage. Many of HCR Wealth Advisors clients know the value of money and were taught those same values. A budget is the core foundation of knowing the value of money. HCR Wealth Advisors believes that clients who have that basic fundamental understanding are more likely to benefit from being financially counseled.


A perfect opportunity to get your child to save is when they want to buy something. Instead of handing the money out, help them establish a savings pattern to purchase the item themselves. Every child should have a savings account, regardless of their age. Help them understand how their money can grow by calculating the savings for an established time period, which is a first step in investing.

HCR Wealth Advisors (@HcrWealth) wants parents to understand how important their role is in the financial education of children. HCR Wealth believes it helps long-term. They become adults with a stronger foundation and understanding about money management for investing in their future.

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Igor Cornelsen, the Successful Brazilian Investor

Igor Cornelsen is a prominent banker who is currently based in Brazil. The businessman has been in the department for a while now, and he has helped many high net worth individuals and companies to make huge profits.

After working in the finance department for a very long time, Igor Cornelsen has acquired a lot of expertise when it comes to making smart investments. Many people seek his advice whenever they want to venture into business.

Lulu revealed that Igor Cornelsen has a great educational background, and this has played a role in his financial investment career. After completing his education several years ago, the businessman ventured into the investment world so that he could earn a living and at the same time make an impact in the lives of people living in Brazil.

The Brazilian economy has been experiencing several challenges since the mortgage crisis that occurred in the year 2008. Cornelsen, however, thinks that the economic strategies that the nation has been using are to blame for the problems. Read more: Adicione uma descrição a este tópico

First of all, the former president of the nation had very little knowledge when it comes to financing, and all of his strategies did not make anything better. The president also appointed the wrong people to office. Without the right guidance, the economy has continued to sink and worsen.

The Brazilian private banks have been in the limelight too. According to Cornelsen, the two top private banks made huge profits when the economy of the country was collapsing.

The businessman says that this only happened because the banks have only been giving their loans to high- net worth individuals who have enough money to repay the loans and at the same time make money.

The investors in the middle class represent the majority in the country, but they have not been given the right opportunities to make money and grow the economy of the nation.

Cornelsen says that the government should now focus on empowering the middle-class investor so that the economy can start growing. If this is not done, the country will never improve financially. The finance ministry should also appoint qualified professionals who will introduce the right reforms.