Fast Company Showing How They Built An Empire

EOS Lip Balm is one of the most popular companies in the world of beauty today. With commercials even being run during big sporting events, it’s safe to say that people are talking about something as simple as chapstick. The way the brand brought themselves to a new level of success. The brand’s growth in the industry is what makes the brand so interesting because of how far the company has gone.

EOS Lip Balm is unique for all kinds of reasons. They first started the brand with no idea that they were even going to go for this specific market. They realized that other markets in beauty were already being targeted, but chapstick was something that could use an upgrade in development. They discovered that a lip balm that had quality ingredients, were vegan, and also organic would be perfect for improving their sales. Little did they know that the Evolution of Smooth was going to revolutionize its sales in so many ways. The brand has gone through so much growth because of how well they positioned the company to be. EOS wanted to give the focus more so on women, and so they wanted to create great flavors and even the overall packaging to focus on women.

EOS was not an overnight success. in fact, they spent a lot of time struggling to get the product seen in stores. Not every brand wanted the company to be a part of their store. Eventually, Walgreens gave them the shot to be sold in their stores. With the right social media marketing and influencers promoting the brand, their overall online ( and in store sales skyrocketed likes crazy. The brand opened up growth for more products from their lineup, and today they have reached a new level of success in what they do and sell.

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