Sunday Riley Glow

Your face is the first thing people notice about you. Because your face is constantly exposed to elements, it also shows everything we run into. Poor air quality, weather, and all the things that we personally go through can take a toll on your face. To look your best, use Sunday Riley products for a fresh face that has an amazing glow. There are certain steps to take to ensure that your face is looking its best.

Since all of your daytime activities take a toll on your face, a nighttime routine is especially important to wash away all the impurities that it has collected during the day and to allow your skin to renew itself while you sleep. First, you must cleanse. Sunday Riley has an assortment of cleansers so you can choose the one that will work for you. You can talk to your dermatologist to determine the best formula for your skin, but be sure to choose something gentle.

Other steps can also be taken so you will see a refreshed, glowing face in the morning. Using a jade roller will have some of the same effects as a facial massage and can be easily done at home. A soak in Epsom salts can relieve stress and remove toxins from the body, which will also show in your face.

You’ve cleansed and moisturized your face and are getting ready to go to bed. If you want to keep all those things on your face and allow them to work, it’s important that your pillowcase is not absorbing your moisturizer. Sleep on a silk pillowcase so the goodness you have put on your face stays where it belongs.

Sunday Riley also recommends a good night’s sleep for the best looking facial skin. When you’re sleeping well, signs of aging will decrease and you will look like your young vibrant self. Back sleep is best for glowing skin because less contact with your pillow means fewer wrinkles, and it also brings blood flow back to your head. Invest in a quality pillow and mattress for your best sleep, and your skin will thank you.