SaygusNewsWatch TV Review

Saygus is an American company and the manufacturer of smartphones. A Saygus spokesperson explained that Newswatch TV is able to deliver maximum quality to the correct medium. They are extremely professional. They listen to the corporation and they listen to the audience in combination to drive sells. Worldwide coverage is provided by NewsWatch TV.

NewsWatch TV was hired to cover and produce reviews for Saygus. The coverage goals were to be promoted online and on National TV. NewsWatch TV filmed the Saygus smartphone launch in beautiful Barcelona producing parts of the campaign at the Mobile World Congress. To tie everything together NewsWatch TV launched an Indiegogo campaign for Saygus.

The combination result of the SaygusIndiegogo campaign and the promotions done for them by NewsWatch TV raised more than $1.3 Million Dollars.

Tim Rush, the vice president of Saygus noted that it is essential to deliver the correct message in the correct way and in the correct timing. Mr. Rush stated that NewsWatch TV has the message delivery formula correct on all levels. Rush highly recommends NewsWatch TV and he notes that they connect the message to the perfect audience in the perfect timing.

NewsWatch TV is a 30 minute long morning news show that airs weekly. NewsWatch TV began in 1989 so it is well established. Celebrities have graced the show including Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Dr. Oz. NewsWatch TV was the winner of a Platinum and a Gold MarCom Award in 2017. They reach over 96 million households worldwide and they are located in the Washington DC area.

NewsWatch TV is hosted by Michelle, Andrew and Chris. They cover most with an emphasis on entertainment, comedy and on technology. NewsWatch TV has its own reporters with over 20 years of experience combined. They air on the ION Network and on the AMC Network.