Jeff Herman The Voice Of The Speechless


For over 25 years Jeff Herman has been a voice for those without the words to defend themselves. He prides himself in the ability to help families when they need it most. In the blog post “There Is No Consensus” it takes a moment to try to explain who he defends in his court cases-why-and how to prevent your child or teen from becoming a victim of sexual abuse.


Jeff Herman found his passion of defending the sexually abused only after years of work representing different corporations. After taking one particularly strong case about a small autistic child-he knew-this is what he wanted to do.


Jeff Herman gives so much information on how to prevent sexual predators from making your child the next victim. Having over two decades of experience in this area-and dealing with the actual actions and repercussions of what has happened to so many people- Jeff Herman gives the tips he has learned over the years, in how to talk to your children about sex predators and the crimes they commit. He gives detailed explanations on how to keep the conversation age appropriate, and how to spot the signs of a sexual predator for yourself.


Sexual abuse doesn’t always have to happen at their school, or even at their little league practice. It can happen where you least expect it, like on vacation. Luckily, Jeff Herman provides Ways to Keep your Kids Safer even on the trips where you think it’s okay to completely relax, by explaining how to talk to your children about the dangers of others. Being a father of four he understands how important it is to protect your children, which is why he also explains how to spot behavioral and emotional signs of sexual abuse. The first step in any course of action in helping someone who experienced something so devastating is reporting the sexual abuse. The course of action to do so is a official criminal complaint. “There Is No Consensus” is Jeff Herman giving others the first step in finally gaining peace. See This Page to learn more.



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