Travel From Perth To Seoul With Kim Dao

After a relaxing few days at home in Perth, Kim Dao is off on another adventure to South Korea. You can follow Kim’s exciting journey to Seoul in her latest vlog “Arriving in KOREA & Meeting Gamja.


At the start of the video, Kim Dao is in Perth Airport waiting for her flight to Hong Kong. After a few hours in Hong Kong, Kim Dao says she will board a plane to Seoul.


A few moments later, Kim Dao films herself walking around the Hong Kong International Airport. Unfortunately, Kim Dao had a severe gastro episode while on the plane. Although she received medicine from a flight attendant, Kim Dao says her stomach still hurts. Learn more:


Kim Dao thinks that something she ate yesterday must’ve caused her stomach to react in such a violent manner. She tries to relax as the flight from Hong Kong to Seoul takes off. Learn more:


When Kim Dao is on the bus ride from Seoul Airport to Sunnydahye’s house, she says her stomach is feeling a bit better. She takes a few moments to answer five of her viewers’ questions.


In the next shot, Kim Dao meets with Sunnydahye at her Seoul pad. Sunny tries to get her adorable pet corgi to do some tricks. A few tricks her dog performs in this video include shaking Sunny’s hand with his paw and lying down. Learn more:


Kim Dao surprises Sunny with a few belated birthday presents. Since Sunny loves the “Ted” movies, Kim Dao decided to get Sunny a few pencils, socks, and a hat, all of which had the bear Ted on them.