Hyland’s Introduces All-New Oral Health Tablets for Baby that helps with Teething

When your baby is irritable from oral health pain, take their pain away fast and naturally. Homeopathic remedies for treating your baby’s oral health issues effectively helps them stay on track for a healthy start in life—without chemical-based medications or harsh additives. Whether your little one is teething, has an oral irritation, infection, or swollen gums, Hyland’s Homeopathic Oral Pain Relief tablets provide long-lasting relief within a few minutes.


These tablets are an all-new product, formulated by Hyland to impeccable standards that their loyal customers have come to know and trust. For teething issues, these tablets are readily available over the counter to provide fast-acting relief for infants…and parents, too. Hyland’s tablets easily dissolve in teething baby’s sensitive mouth with no unpleasant medicinal taste or aftertaste.


With today’s resurgent interest in homeopathy, families are rediscovering how to treat what ails them while avoiding the expense and side effects that often accompany prescription drugs. Homeopathic remedies such as these tablets help new little bodies recover and function at their best. Spanning from babies’ foundational years through all adult life stages, homeopathy works with the body’s own intrinsic healing abilities.


Rooted in gentle healing wisdom, Hyland’s remains committed to providing safe homeopathic products that are proven to work for allergies, digestion, stress, sleep, skin issues, women’s health, first aid, and more.


Hyland’s has been a renowned and trusted brand in the homeopathic health and wellness industry since 1903. Multi-generations of families have come to rely on Hyland’s homeopathic products, keeping them in their medicine cabinets to stay well. Today, Hyland’s brand remains true to the company’s founder’s healthful, healing commitment to help attain optimum health for the entire family. Hyland’s building on their solid values of the past with an exciting vision for the future.