Jeunesse Global Takes Market by Storm with New Energy Drinks

Jeunesse Global, the company founded by legends of the health and beauty industry Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, has been busily developing some of the most exciting new products in the area of health drinks and nutraceuticals.

Both Ray and Lewis have extensive backgrounds in the health and beauty industry as well as in direct marketing. When they founded Jeunesse Global in 2009, they wanted to create a company that would fill genuine market needs. In searching for niches that had not been sufficiently addressed by the big players in the industry, Ray and Lewis stumbled across the field of all-natural energy and health drinks.

They first began developing the idea for an all-natural energy drink one morning when Randy Ray had bought a Red Bull from the local gas station. He took his first sip and nearly spit it out, noting that it tasted like a combination of Jolt Soda and battery acid. The strong taste and odor of processed chemicals was unmistakable. Ray and Lewis quickly hatched the idea to create an energy drink that packed the same kind of punch as the ultra-processed drinks on the market but that only used 100 percent natural ingredients.

The couple knew that if they could succeed at making such a drink, there may be a huge market for it in East Asia, where people have long been extremely conscious of the dangers of consuming an American-style, morbid-obesity-inducing diet. To many East Asians, the typical American’s life is a tour-de-force in how not to live. Creating a viable alternative to the toxic slurry of energy drinks that make up the current market may, therefore, provide immense opportunities to profit from countries with more sensible tastes.

With this in mind, Ray and Lewis set out creating the drink that would eventually become Nevo. Made from all natural ingredients, including various so-called superfruits, Nevo not only keeps people functioning in a state of optimal alertness throughout the day, it provides over 20 essential nutrients that may help to stave off conditions ranging from obesity to colon cancer.

Nevo has proven to be one of the company’s most popular products.