Michael Lacey And Jim Larkin Differ With Donald Trump’s Pardoning Of Joe Arpaio

Arpaio’s scandal is one of the longest-running sagas. Its ruling eventually closed the chapter. The saga included the despicable arrests of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, who owned the Phoenix New Times.

Under their stewardship, the New Times persistently featured and uncovered the scandals of the 24-year reign of the sheriff. Ten years after he was jailed, the officer, Michael Lacey gave a brief appraisal of his rival.

Lacey said that pardoning Joe Arpaio was a flawed act by Donald Trump. He added that both Joe and Donald publicly promoted racism and torture. According to Lacey, the former’s six terms in office were mere low-lights. He highlighted the poor jail conditions, specifically the concentration camp, inmate suicides, and deaths.

Additionally, Lacey talked about the unlawful use of over 100 million dollars of jail funds. He mentioned the hundreds of sexual crimes on children, most of which followed poor investigations, and the Melendres v. Arpaio that resulted from the harassment of Latinos. This case led to Arpaio’s criminal conviction.

Lacey felt that the justice system had failed. Arpaio turned 85. He could still have been jailed even if Trump had not stepped in. This ended up in contempt of court since Arpaio ignored an instruction of the judge.

Lacey felt that Arpaio should have been held accountable for the many deaths he caused, the hundreds of tortured inmates and the abused prisoners. Lacey believed that this derailed and affected human careers and lives. Occasionally, in October 2007, Larkin and Lacey were taken downtown handcuffed. They were, therefore, the best people to describe Arpaio’s sins.

About Arpaio

He was elected in 1992 after some modest reforms. After his re-election, He forced inmates to wear pink pants and torn jumpsuits. He fed them on rotten fruits and green bologna, while some female gangs were forced to clean the county roads. Verbal abuse, sadism, and corruption rocked his reign.

Abuse, sadism, and corruption

Jails were overcrowded; pregnant women shacked to their beds as they delivered, and prisoners endured mistreatment. There were many wrongful deaths, such as that of a diabetic woman who went into a coma after being denied her medication. Jailer’s riots, misuse of authority and forgery were the order of the day.

Arpaio banned New Times’ reporters because of the ceaseless attention they gave the ills. He also ignored requests for county documents and records and threatened to arrest reporters. It was, therefore, unquestionable that Lacey and Larkin had been detained illegally.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey

Jim Larkin collaborated with Michael Lacey and started the Phoenix News Times. Lacey was the executive editor, while Larkin was the head of advertising. The paper was free and explored political and social issues, hence its popularity.

On 18 October 2007, Larkin and Lacey were arrested in their homes. They were jailed after the jury targeted the editors and marketers of the paper. The subpoenas felt that these two had insulted the Constitution of the United States. Joe Arpaio, an anti-immigrant officer, instigated their arrest.

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