Rocketship Education, Changing Education

Rocketship Education is a nonprofit school that was created in the early 2000s. Rocketship Education is home to thousands of low income children across the country. So far the school has about 20 different locations located all around the US. Rocketship Education’s goal is to provide low income children with the same education and care that kids receive in middle and upper class neighborhoods. Rocketship Education has been working hard to close the gap between lower class children and middle and upper class children for years now. The school is also a charter school for elementary school children only.

Rocketship Education is different from most schools, because they welcome parents into the school and classroom so that they can be very involved with their child’s education. Rocketship Education believes that it is important to allow parents to be very involved in their child’s education because it helps the parents to see how the interact with other kids in school and with the teachers as well. It is also important for parents to be involved in their child’s education because it helps the parents to enforce what the student is learning in class at home.

Parents of Rocketship Education have commented on Rocketship Education’s way of involving the parents in their education and they are very happy with this new way of teaching. Many parents of Rocketship education feel very proud that they are allowed to be so close with their children’s education.

In addition to Rocketship Education providing this closeness between between education and parents, Rocketship Education has also been providing students and the families of the students the things that they do not have. For example, Rocketship Education ha been known to provide families with shelter, food, and money for necessities. The reasoning behind this makes sense. Rocketship Education understands that learning does not end at school. Education and learning experiences take place at home as well; therefore, Rocketship Education makes sure that their students are comfortable at home to ensure their learning experience remains consistent and great.

Rocketship Education has defiantly set the standard of how education should be.

Jed Mccaleb Introduces Stellar For The Unbanked Population

Jed McCaleb has contributed immensely to the growth and development of the cryptocurrency industry. A Blockchain cryptocurrency expert, Jed McCaleb created Mt. Gox, which is the very first bitcoin exchange in the world. Aside from that, he created eDonkey in 2000, together with his developer friend SamYagan. eDonkey is one of the pioneering decentralized peer-to-peer file sharing networks. It is the first to utilize multisource downloading.

Upon identifying significant flaws in the global financing system, Jim McCaleb, alongside Joyce Kim created Stellar Development Foundation in 2014. Currently, Jed occupies the position of Cofounder and CTO, where he oversees the technical aspect that relates to the development of Stellar. Basically, his technical role in the company is in two folds; you will either find him coding and developing Stellar‘s technical aspects or responding to emails and taking on anything that has to do with the business.

The idea for Stellar came to him after he realized what Bitcoin truly was, and he came to an understanding of how the technology behind bitcoin could be used to solve problems. He saw a greater need than just creating a digital currency. He created a financial network that was open source in place of creating a currency which had the capacity of connecting financial institutions. Stellar is a form of link between financial institutions.

Stellar, according to Jed McCaleb was aimed at connecting people who currently do not have bank accounts. According to the latest world bank statistics, this amounted to 2.5 billion people. By introducing Stellar, the cost incurred by these financial institutions to offer services to the section of the population that don’t have bank accounts is drastically reduced. One of the challenges for financial institutions that prevents them from offering services to individuals that receive little income is the high maintenance cost. But Stellar is about to change all that. By improving the connections between financial institutions, money transfer cost becomes cheaper as money is transferred via its open source financial network.

Although several financial organizations and institutions have already implemented Stellar, there is a particular interest in the third-world nations of the world, as this region is home to most of the unbanked population in the world.

Since its upgrade in 2014, the network has become more secure, modular and scalable. The network features the internet’s low-level simplicity; thus, it is easy to maintain, understand as well as extend. Stellar is a community-managed network, therefore it is run by individuals in a community outside Stellar. Aside from contributing to the network’s open source core protocol, every other thing is determined by the community.

When Jed is not busy working on Stellar, he spends his time researching the likelihood of Artificial Intelligence. The act of spending time developing concrete strategies and plans is one

Hussain Sajwani: Self-Made Billionaire

DAMAC Properties was founded in 2002 by Hussain Sajwani. Hussain Sajwani originally began his life as the child of an entrepreneurial father who sold various imported goods of his shop. He displayed talent as a child and was able to receive a scholarship from the United Arab Emirates and the government of his home country in order to attend university in the United States of America. During his time in the United States of America, he went to his University of Washington where he majored in industrial engineering and economics. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree, he returned to his home country and quickly began to start his career.

It was not long after entering the workforce the Hussain Sajwani founded his first company. The first company that he founded was a food services business that catered to the US military and several other clients. This company is still in operation today. Several years after launching his first company Hussain Sajwani launched DAMAC Properties. He decided to launch this company in 2001 after the government to Dubai decided to allow foreigners to own property. This shift of business focus took less than six months. Since then DAMAC Properties has grown to become one of the largest property development companies in the entire world. He has helped to develop properties for numerous high-profile individuals including current president Donald Trump. He has managed to develop to trump branded golf courses in the city of Dubai.

In the process of selling luxury properties, he has created a reputation for himself for extravagant marketing. During his marketing campaigns, he has been known to offer free Lamborghinis to apartment buyers. Last year he also gave a free studio apartment any individual who purchased a mansion during a specific time frame.

Hussain Sajwani is one of the few individuals who has managed to enter the Forbes list of billionaires that is entirely self-made. When asked what he believes is the source of his success he credits both vision and buck. He says that someone would open an opportunity and he would run to the door and take advantage of it immediately. Visit his website to know more about his ventures.

Lacey and Larkin beat all odds to launch Frontera Fund

Lacey and Larkin are village voice media executives from Arizona. The duo founded the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. This was not a walk in the park as they had to face a fair share of challenges for this to actualize. During the evening of October 18, 2007, Lacey and Larkin were forcibly handcuffed by armed deputies.

They were later driven from their homes in Phoenix and pushed into SUVs with dark tinted windows. Afterward, they were put into different jails which are managed by Arpaio, an American Sheriff who was responsible for this arrest. Learn more about Lacey and Larkin: and

The arrest was carried out because Lacey and Larkin had printed a cover story in Phoenix New Times about Arpaio’s friends and the story disclosed of their offensive actions. It revealed of how these people, who worked for the Attorney at Maricopa County had requested for details of newspaper writers, editors and readers in a grand tribunal subpoenas that they had provided.

As it is known, personal browsing histories are usually private, but then this tribunal had gone to the extent of even requesting for personal browsing histories of readers and even IP addresses. This arrest was not acceptable to the people, and so there was a national tumult, and this led to the freeing of the duo in a period not exceeding 24 hours.

The release saw Lacey and Larkin be paid a ransom of 3.7 million US dollars for an unlawful arrest, by Maricopa County. The duo used this money for Frontera Fund, whose intentions are always to help Hispanic People.

This passion for people did not just come up, but it was born in Lacey and Larkin from an early age. Larkin once said that growing in Arizona; he was taught that it was necessary for one to help out the less fortunate in society. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Michael Lacey | LinkedIn

He added that the Mexican Migrants would be the people who much deserved this as they always committed themselves to travel through the desert miles away to Arizona in search of work and economic opportunities.

Frontera fund was genuinely committed to serving, as they gave away money to non- profit groups which deserved it, and which firmly stood for the civil rights of Hispanic People.

Lacey also noted that together with his partner Jim, they would be for immigrants despite Sheriff Arpaio detaining the Mexican immigrants an action that was supposed to instigate fear in the 2014 elections.

Jim Toner Giving Infertile Couples A Chance At Parenthood

Jim Toner is a world-renowned infertility specialist. Toner is one of the leading doctors employed with the Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine. Toner earned his bachelor’s in Psychology through St. Joseph’s College. He earned his Ph.D. through the University of Pennsylvania in 1985.

Giving Couples the Gift of Life

Dr. Toner has made an impressive record of contributions to the field of reproductive medicine. He has published over one hundred abstracts, eighty articles, and twenty chapters on reproductive topics. His most memorable contribution to the field is his work he performed on evaluating the impact of ovarian reserve on infertility. He also spent a considerable amount of time investing the role that the hormone progesterone plays in supporting the luteal phase of a female’s reproductive cycle.

Dr. Toner has been awarded various honors for his contributions he has made to the field. He’s received the First Prize Paper award that is given at national meetings for reproductive medicine specialists, twice. Toner is also a recognized public speaker. The doctor has given over two hundred presentations at national and local gatherings. Dr. Toner chooses to specialize in recurrent miscarriages and infertility treatments. With his psychology background, the doctor is equipped to handle patients emotionally and physically.

What His Clients Think

While most clients choose to keep their identities private, they do not mind leaving honest reviews about the doctor’s services. One patient came to the doctor for fertility treatment because she wanted to have a child with her husband who had a non-reversible vasectomy. After two trials with in-vitro fertilization, the couple became pregnant with twins.

The patient appreciated how caring the doctor was, and how he explained the procedure and process to them. Prior to undergoing the treatment, the doctor advised of any risks and set realistic expectations. This happy patient went on to review that she would happily recommend Dr. Toner’s services to any couple that is having problems conceiving.

Dr. Jim Toner is loved by his patients. He gives them hope, while setting realistic expectations at the same time. His goal is to help those who want to leave their mark on the world by bringing a new life into it. One patient stated that one thing that sets Dr. Toner apart from others in the field is he doesn’t give up on his patients. If a treatment doesn’t produce the desired outcome, he works with his patients until they are able to get the baby they want.

All About Jim Toner

Jim Toner is a fertility doctor in Atlanta who is a specialist in reproductive endocrinology and infertility. He studied at St. Joseph’s college in Philadelphia and graduated with a B.S in psychology and in 1985, obtained a Ph.D. and M.D in medical science from the University of Pennsylvania.

He pursued his residency and fellowship training at the Jones institute where he was recognized to have a teaching gift. In 1989, he received the resident of the year award and was absorbed in the Alpha Omega Alpha medical society in 1990. While at Jones he joined the distinguished faculty and became the Associate Professor in Norfolk. He was fellowship program director and institute’s Reproduction Program as the third party and his success still exists in the Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine as the director of the Third-Party Reproduction Program.

Toner is also a recognized speaker nationally having given more than 200 presentations both at national and local meetings. In addition, he is a member of reproductive medicine in the American society. He also served as president of Assistance Reproductive Technology. He is a specialist in recurrent miscarriage and infertility. Being a psychology doctor, he also performs special care for emotional aspects. It helps him to have a better approach to the process of treating infertility.

Jim Toner is contributing to research in the field, for instance, his work on the ovarian reserve and its infertility effect. He has a lot of skills in the field and knowledge that has helped him achieve success. He has his ways of dealing with the clients.

He puts smiles on his client’s faces since they give positive responses about their encounter with him: He is the right doctor to reach to with an infertility problem. He is a good listener and takes adequate time to understand his patients. Jim Toner not only takes time before he answers questions but also considers the patients opine and feedbacks to make his decisions. He offers psychological help as well and does not give up on you while some others would not have been as supportive or helpful. He is good at his work since he can tell your problem even before actual tests are done.

Jim being a social doctor, he is a family man blessed with four children. What he loves most is spending his free time with his family and also nurturing his garden. He is a good contributor to Church and habitat with people.

After the patients are offered the services, they help to standardize the doctor’s performance. Most of the patients according to HealthGrades usually recommend the services offered by Jim Toner. They say he is excellent in matters regarding trust and time spent with patients. Some patients recommend him also for explaining their conditions well and he also answers their questions clearly.

Visit Dr. Jim Toner’s LinkedIn Profile for more details:

Jed McCaleb: Inventor and Entrepreneur

As an inventor and forward-thinking individual, Jed McCaleb’s mission is to use technology to reduce inefficiency and improve the conditions of human beings across the globe. As an innovator, cryptocurrency devotee, and Web entrepreneur, Jed McCaleb has positioned himself in a unique spot — one that involves solving pressing global issues using new technology to reinforce his visions. McCaleb has done well for himself over the years with his useful, Internet-based website platforms.

In unique areas of finance and technology like cryptocurrency and the blockchain, McCaleb has a lot to say about it. McCaleb has been focusing quite intently on his Internet and cryptocurrency-based project, McCaleb started to understand that the financial organizational structure around the globe was dysfunctional. McCaleb’s actions can be based on what he gleaned from the World Bank’s statistics, which noted that there are 2.5 billion plus people who live in the world without a rapport with banks.

McCaleb delved into the entrepreneurial sphere by utilizing his programming abilities at the time of the technology stock boom of 1999. McCaleb created a network of computer nodes and a gargantuan file-sharing network in the day called eDonkey.

Presently, Jed McCaleb and his co-founder, Joyce Kim are utilizing the blockchain technology and Bitcoin as the impetus behind universal money processes and tools like APIs. Stellar is directly involved with banking transactions and key stakeholders as part of the banking and lending process. There are 2.5 billion bangles people who could use the help of Stellar to work as an intermediary between people and banks. Not only does Stellar network support, but it is a non-profit that was founded in 2014. links many different banking institutions to each other using Bitcoin as its capital.

In terms of other cutting-edge technology that Jed McCaleb considers interesting, artificial intelligence (AI) is a top one. For Jed McCaleb, AI is exhilarating, yet frightening technology that he considers as game-changing as the agricultural revolution. McCaleb is a mentor for the Machine Intelligence Research Institute. MIRI‘s credo is to make sure that AI software programs are secure in the future.

Scott Rocklage Plays A Role In Fighting DM1

Scott Rocklage is playing a huge role in fighting genetic disorders that Expansion Therapeutics fights. In an effort to fight such disorders, Expansion Therapeutics has been raising Series A financing. The financing was lead by a number of organizations, including 5AM Ventures, which is Scott Rocklage’s company.


DM1, short for myotonic dystrophy type I, is one of the genetic disorders Expansion Therapeutics is committed to fighting. DM1 is one of the main causes of muscular dystrophy. The company’s fundraising efforts were successful, as it added over $55 million, all for the purpose of fighting DM1. This is important to Expansion Therapeutics because as of now there are no effective treatments out there for DM1.


About Scott Rocklage

Scott Rocklage is a doctor and he is a managing partner at 5AM Ventures. He studied at the University of California in Berkeley. Upon graduating college, he received a bachelor’s degree in chemistry. He graduated from MIT in Massachusetts with a Ph.D. in chemistry. While studying at MIT, he carried out research in Noble Peace Prize winner’s, Richard R. Schrock, laboratory.


Scott Rocklage has been with 5AM Ventures for over 14 years. He became a Venture Partner of the company in 2003. A year later he became a Managing Partner.


The doctor has a tremendous amount of healthcare management experience. In fact, he has over three decades of experience. One of his major accomplishments is for getting three medications approved by the FDA. The medications are Omniscan, Cubicin and Teslascan. He has submitted several other medications to trials and he has dozens of U.S. patents that he has either co-invented or invented.


Connect with Dr. Scott Rocklage on LinkedIn.

HCR Wealth Advisors and the Sandwich Generation

HCR Wealth Advisors is registered investment advisory firm in Los Angeles, California, founded in 1988. The firm specializes in investment management and provides personalized financial planning to its clients. HCR Wealth’s mission is to provide long-lasting relationship and services to their clients and educating them on their financial issues all while maintaining a trusting relationship.

One in seven middle-aged adults not only provide financial support for themselves and their children but also for their parents. This is why this generation, aged 30 to early 50’s, are considered the “Sandwich Generation”. Due to the financial pressures of providing support to their parents and children, this generation can have difficulty saving for their own retirement.

With this financial burden, HCR Wealth Advisors stresses that it is important to still try to save for retirement. The firm suggests trying to match your employer contributions to retirement accounts. It is important to avoid touching the money already saved for retirement to avoid the need for future reliance on their children to support them when they retire thus continuing the cycle.

Due to the rise in college education, it is also advisable to save for college in advance. Not only will it help young adult children pay off their college debt in a timely manner, it will also supply them with a safety net if they spent less than their college budget.

Lastly, not only is it important to save for your own retirement and your children’s college education, but also it is important to understand the health concerns of your parents and their finances. Due to an increase in life expectancy, the elderly are outliving their retirement investments. It is important for this generation to know exactly what income their parents have to sustain themselves, so they are better able to understand how much they will have to give to help their aging parents.

Although those in the “Sandwich Generation” may be burdened with taking care of themselves, their parents, and their children, @HCRwealth mentioned that it is important that this generation stay focused on building up their own retirement nest egg, so their children do not have to bear the same burden.

HCR Wealth Advisors is not affiliated with this website.

The Chainsmokers Alex Pall Explains His Love Of Electronic Dance Music

2017 was the year of The Chainsmokers after the band dominated the pop radio airwaves with their songs, “Paris” and “Something Just Like This” still popular in the charts despite being released over nine months ago. Alex Pall has been a source of inspiration for many DJ’s and undiscovered musicians after building a live following for his DJ duo throughout the early years of the second decade of the 21st-century; the arrival of a creative collaborator, Andrew Taggart from college in Maine pushed Pall to quit his day job and become a full-time musician.

As Andrew Taggart has pushed Alex Pall to explore his creativity and take ownership of the music being created by The Chainsmokers, Pall himself has seen the need to explore how the duo can explore their brand and how they will bring new music to their growing army of fans. Alex Pall has become a social media marketing expert who follows the reaction of fans to the image of The Chainsmokers and how their live shows are being reviewed Online.

One of the major problems identified by Alex Pall as he sought new ways of bringing the best live experience for fans who now expect more than just a live DJ set from the duo. Pall explains he does not wish to simply pipe through the vocals recorded by popular vocalists such as Halsey when touring as he understands bands like Coldplay will not tour alongside The Chainsmokers to sing a single song each night. After disappearing from the public gaze for around nine months, The Chainsmokers returned in 2018 with a darker sound and a full live band to compliment their live performances.

The release of the controversial song, “Sick Boy” also sees Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart take on a new way of looking at the world with the social media platforms The Chainsmokers rely on to stay in contact with their fans targeted for criticism. Alex Pall believes his own opinions about social media are valid and although he has no wish to criticize every aspect of social media he believes living life Offline is still a valid option for himself.