Panos Gikos Illuminates Different Ways to Prevent Arthritis

Panos Gikas was recently featured on the Belfast Telegraph website in an article titled “7 Ways to Help Lower Your Risk of Arthritis, by a Leading Orthopedic Surgeon.” The article reveals that arthritis is inflammation located in the joints which causes stiffness and swelling. There are sesveral different kinds of arthritis but one of the most common is osteoarthritis. It has been associated with aging and the simply wear-and-tear of the joints. According to several studies, it affects 8.75 million people in the UK.


Panos Gikas reveals some of the leading ways to reduce the risk of osteoarthritis from developing in the joints. Panos Gikas is one of the surgeons at the Lister Hospital, located in London. He is also a consultant and reveals that one of the best ways to prevent arthritis is to keep moving. Being physically active is necessary to maintain healthy joints. Many people have believed the myth that joints are worn out through too much physical activity. However, this myth is incredibly outdated and it has been proven that keeping the body moving is necessary for healthy joints.


Another key idea is to maintain healthy muscles to prevent arthritis. Keeping musculoskeletal strength can be maintained by exercising moderately. To maintain your muscles, try weight training, jogging, tennis, and dancing. However, he also indicates that you should not exercise too much. When the exercise over-exerts the joint it may lead to early onset arthritis. Most people only need a moderate level of exercise up to five times per week. Keeping your weight down is another factor in preventing arthritis. If the body weight is in a healthy BMI, you end up putting less pressure on the joints, reducing the risk of arthritis. Panos Gikas indicates that food is also a key to keeping your joints healthy. He believes that you should avoid foods that cause inflammation like sugar and alcohol while maintaining a diet rich in omega-3s.