Randal Nardone: Pacesetting In The Hedge Fund Industry

Randal Nardone is a Biology and English Graduate from the University of Connecticut and a Doctor of Jurisprudence from the University of Boston. He began his career as a Lawyer at the Thatcher Proffitt & Woods Law Firm before his transformation into the financial sector. He then joined BlackRock Financal Management Inc., and later UBS. He is also a director of the Eurocastle Investment Incorporation. In 1998, he joined in the co-founding of the Fortress Investment Group together with his co-founders Rob Kauffman and Wesley Edens. Fortress has seen several acquisitions such as the Canadian Intrawest in 2006, RailAmerica Inc. in 2006, and Florida East Coast Industries in 2007. The company has also taken some of portfolios public including Brookdale Inc, GAGFAH, Aircastle Ltd and RailAmerica Inc. Other joint acquisitions include the partnership with Centerbridge partners to acquire Penn National Gaming, a firm that operates casinos and horse racing.

Under the co-leadership of Randal Nardone, the firm has invested more than $70 billion in credit funds, private equity firm, and other assets. The firm became a pacesetter becoming the first in the industry to be traded on the United States Stock market publicly. The firm has received numerous awards over the years. It is famous for its capability in dealing with mergers and acquisitions. The management employs the low-cost, low-risk rule to ensure the success of their clients. Randal Nardone is wholly impressed by the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group by the Japanese Banking giant SoftBank Group Corporation. He is confident about the strengthening of Fortress with the accompanying benefits such as the increased access to credit facilities and rapid growth rate. The firm is set to continue with their area of specialization.

In 2009, Randal Nardone led the company in the acquisition of Sheffield, a 58 story building after the owner defaulted on a loan payment. Randal Nardone has contributed to the formation of employee benefits of the company since its inception. These include stimulating work environment, employee training and support positive impact on future career prospects, competitive salaries and the opportunities to learn and grow professionally. The success story of operations has named the company as one of the most coveted employers.

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Hyland’s Introduces All-New Oral Health Tablets for Baby that helps with Teething

When your baby is irritable from oral health pain, take their pain away fast and naturally. Homeopathic remedies for treating your baby’s oral health issues effectively helps them stay on track for a healthy start in life—without chemical-based medications or harsh additives. Whether your little one is teething, has an oral irritation, infection, or swollen gums, Hyland’s Homeopathic Oral Pain Relief tablets provide long-lasting relief within a few minutes.


These tablets are an all-new product, formulated by Hyland to impeccable standards that their loyal customers have come to know and trust. For teething issues, these tablets are readily available over the counter to provide fast-acting relief for infants…and parents, too. Hyland’s tablets easily dissolve in teething baby’s sensitive mouth with no unpleasant medicinal taste or aftertaste.


With today’s resurgent interest in homeopathy, families are rediscovering how to treat what ails them while avoiding the expense and side effects that often accompany prescription drugs. Homeopathic remedies such as these tablets help new little bodies recover and function at their best. Spanning from babies’ foundational years through all adult life stages, homeopathy works with the body’s own intrinsic healing abilities.


Rooted in gentle healing wisdom, Hyland’s remains committed to providing safe homeopathic products that are proven to work for allergies, digestion, stress, sleep, skin issues, women’s health, first aid, and more.


Hyland’s has been a renowned and trusted brand in the homeopathic health and wellness industry since 1903. Multi-generations of families have come to rely on Hyland’s homeopathic products, keeping them in their medicine cabinets to stay well. Today, Hyland’s brand remains true to the company’s founder’s healthful, healing commitment to help attain optimum health for the entire family. Hyland’s building on their solid values of the past with an exciting vision for the future.

Steve Ritchie Leads Recovery Of Pap John’s As He Writes Apology Letter To Customers

Steve Ritchie is the CEO of Papa John’s, one of the prominent pizza suppliers around the world. The company has been built on a strong foundation of respect and care for their customers. Every step the company takes is meant to meet the needs of the customers. It is for this reason that it has grown in multiple countries and is considered among the top three pizza suppliers in the world. When the company was recently hit by discontentment from the customers over some utterances made by one of the senior managers in the company, a solution had to be found in the shortest time possible. CEO Steve Ritchie was quick to take that mantle and offer necessary guidance.

The measures that the company will take to ensure that there is an immediate solution to outstanding issues include sending senior managers to the field, to talk with the customers, employees, and franchises. These hard-working partners of the company need to be considered during in decisions making since they hold the highest share in the business. Steve Ritchie Papa John’s is also willing to incorporate transparency in the operation of the company. According to Biz Journals, he wants to ensure that at all times, no single person will feel neglected by the company. Transparency is a critical factor in business since it assures the customers that they are getting the best deal. CEO Ritchie will lead from the front by taking charge of the restoration process.

The restoration process will ensure that the customers are always treated with respect in this company. Everything he is doing in the company is meant to facilitate restoration of the customers’ confidence in the company. This company is ready to earn respect through acts of care to their customers. Steve Ritchie notes that this company is bigger than any person who works for it. The utterances of one person should not be used to hurt thousands of hardworking employees. Steve Ritchie has apologized to the customers while at the same time outlining measures that they will take to deal with the weaknesses. They will work with external auditors to assess the culture of the company.

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From this site: https://www.courier-journal.com/story/money/companies/2018/10/12/papa-johns-restructure-company-which-includes-new-coo/1619585002/

Ryan Seacrest, A Celebrated Media Personality Continue To Inspire Millions Of People Through His Shows

Ryan Seacrest is an entrepreneur and worker in the media industry with permanent positions in nationally syndicated radio, cable television and broadcast, and a host and producer at a local radio station.

The real-life relationship between Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa has inspired ABC to develop a comedy series titled ‘Work Life’ that has received full support from the network. The show aims at exploring the dynamics of life of people that have limited boundaries with one another known as the “Work Spouses” and how their relationships with other people are affected. The series will be inscribed and produced by Michael Ian Black while Ryan Seacrest will be working as the executive producer from his production company, Ryan Seacrest Productions together with Andrea Shay and Nina Wass from RSP. On the other hand, Ripa, Albert Bianchini, and Mark Consuelo will be executive producers under Milojo banner,andABC studios will do the production.

The tow, Ryan Seacrest and Ripa currently co-host the “Live with Kelly and Ryan” show in the syndicated ABC a.m. show. Ripa joined the show in 2010 while Ryan Seacrest joined her as a permanent co-host in 2017. The two are under great general deals with ABC Studios. Despite co-hosting the morning show, Seacrest hosts ABC’s “American Idol.”

Michael Black is well known in his active role in acting in projects like “The State,” “Another Period,” and “Wet Hot American Summer.”Ryan has also worked as a writer in the “The State” and “Another Period” and other films like “Run, Fat Boy, Run!” Franklin Weinrib and CAA are representing Milojo Productions while Hansen and CAA will represent RSP.

Despite his achievements in the media industry, Ryan Seacrest is a dedicated philanthropist with his efforts directed towards the youth. He is the Honorary Chairman of the German Foundation and as the chairman of his foundation the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. The foundation aims at creating new broadcast media centers in pediatric hospitals so that the patients can discover the artistic realm of radio and television. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation intents to help the children in the recovery process as well as supporting their visiting parents. Contact Ryan Seacrest on Facebook today.

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OSI Industries Continues To Grow Internationally

The privately-owned meat processing company OSI Industries is currently ranked on the Forbes List as one of the most profitable and successful private companies globally.

OSI Industries was founded in Oakwood, IL in 1909 by German immigrant Otto Kolschowski. By 1917, he was able to expand his company and move his company to Maywood. By 1928, the company became known as Otto and Sons. Over several year, Otto and Sons earned the reputation as one of the best established meat companies in the state.

As Otto and Sons continued to grow, they were able to secure a deal that had a direct impact on the company’s future. As it turns out, future McDonald’s restaurants owner Ray Krok launched his own family-style restaurant in Des Plaines, IL. He would need a meat provider for his business and entered a hand-shake deal with Otto and Sons. Find out more about of OSI at Craft

Otto and Sons son became the sole provider of meat products for all Midwest McDonalds restaurants. As McDonalds grew, so did the fortunes of OSI Group.

By the late 1960s, OSI Industries was on the cutting edge of new manufacturing technology. The company developed the revolutionary cryogenic freezing, which freezes meat with nitrogen. The company was also looking into expanding internationally.

In the early 1970s, financial banker Sheldon Lavin was hired by the Kolschowski brothers to oversee the international financing. So impressed with his work, the brothers offered him partnership. Lavin initially turned it down, but after the brothers were set to retire, he reconsidered.

Lavin was brought on board and bought out the brothers’ controlling interest. Under Lavin’s leadership, OSI Industries expanded into a number of international territories. The company now has 20,000 employees in 17 countries.

They have acquired a number of companies over the years including Baho Foods and Moy Park.

Today, the company has a net worth of $6.1 billion.

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Guilherme Paulus Sees Global Future For GJP Hotels And Resorts

At the age of 24, hotelier and entrepreneur, Guilherme Paulus, was working as an intern for IBM, but later that year, in 1972, his entrepreneurial aspirations took a major shift, as he was offered a partnership in the creation of a new touring agency. Carlos Vicente Cerchiari, who was working as a state deputy at the time, was interested in creating such a business in his hometown, and with Paulus agreeing to put in the major legwork, he put up the capital to launch. After four years, the two parted ways, and Guilherme Paulus pursued independent endeavors. By 1995, he’d opened up his first hotel, setting the stage for the future juggernaut– GJP Hotels and Resorts. Today, GJP Hotels and Resorts is the most prominent business of its kind within the country of Brazil, and currently has 20 locations and over 5,000 employees. Although Guilherme Paulus recently sold his shares of CVC Brasil, reportedly for $750 million, he still sits on the Board of Advisors and owns eight percent of the company.

Over several decades, Guilherme Paulus became a trailblazer as hotelier entrepreneur, and while his knack for business goes unquestioned, it is a particular set of habits that have engineered his longstanding run. Each day, Mr. Paulus gives thanks for his achievements, while keeping an, overall, positive attitude about what is to come. When preparing for the week, he generally writes down the most pertinent aspects of schedule, which, he cites as being a major motivator, instilling him with a sense of accomplishment. Each week, Mr. Paulus also visits several of his properties in order to connect with his customers, as well as his staff, on a first-hand basis. This practice has served his business well, as it gives him a close-up look at the needs of his consumers, whereas, assessments regarding the overall functionality, can be made.

With over fifty years in the touring industry, Guilherme Paulus has remained at the top, due to his unique approach, and passion for his career. By creating unique travel packages, he was able to consistently outdo the competition, and today, his company has garnered relationships with over 30,000 partners within the industry. Ever the entrepreneur, Mr. Paulus plans to continue expanding his empire, with hopes of creating a stronger presence in the United States and other global powerhouses, while also utilizing the latest technologies to stay a step ahead of the competition.

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Brian Torchin And HCRC

Brian Torchin is a leader and businessman in the healthcare industry. He studied exercise science at the University of Delaware and graduated with a pre-med degree. He then moved on to attend the New York Chiropractic College and graduated with degree in chiropractic care. After college, he opened his first chiropractic care practice in the city of Philadelphia. View CNN iReport about Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin’s business intuition shone through when he created a healthcare staffing company called Healthcare Recruitment Counselors, or HCRC for short, in 2007. HCRC helps its clients find a healthcare professional fit a criteria for a job that needs to be fulfilled quickly. Their clients typically look for dentists, doctors, physical therapists, and other professionals of the like. HCRC’s main goal is to provide their clients with their chosen healthcare professional in 72 hours or less. If this deadline is not met or the client is not satisfied with the healthcare professional chosen, they do not pay. The HCRC services multiple continents and countries besides the United States, such as Canada, Europe and Australia.

In addition to leading the HCRC business, Brian Torchin utilizes social media to further the healthcare industry’s outlook. Torchin takes to Facebook and Twitter to post jobs that are available to people who might not know through the internet or certain websites. This helps the job creation and fulfillment process become even faster.

The social media posts that Torchin’s posts include the job type, the locations, and a link to the website where the healthcare professional can click on. This will take them to a site where they can apply for the job. Other social media platforms that Torchin recruits are sites like LinkedIn, Tiny, and Google. By the looks of it, he does not post any personalized social media posts of any kind. This posts are limited to the business posts only.

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Aloha Restoration Can Preserve Your Home and Sanity

Aloha Restoration, established in 2009, is a proven problem solver when it comes to homes suffering from mold or water damage. Whether it’s from a broken pipe or a flash flood, residents of Lake Zurich have come to rely on the prompt and efficient service of Aloha Restoration! This exalted company’s field of expertise is mold removal or remediation. Mold growing inside your home can cause a myriad of health problems. These mold removal experts have staff members on duty that have earned a Mold Remediation Certification (MRC). When these knowledgeable workers arrive at the damaged home site, they will remove the mold at its origin, not just on the surface. In order to remove all traces of mold spores,one of the workers will use a High Efficiency Particulate Air(HEPA) air scrubber.


Aloha Restoration’s other forte is water removal or water mitigation. Water removal is the primary step towards mold prevention. Aloha Restoration has on its website, water damage cleanup tips. This information helps the homeowner become more proactive and in control which is necessary to handle a crisis. These cleanup tips can be used to expedite the water removal process. The company’s motto is “BONE DRY IN 48 HOURS.”



Aloha Restoration has an active membership with the International Restoration Institute (IRI). This membership shows their dedication to keeping your home’s integrity intact by learning the latest techniques in home preservation. This family owned company knows the stabilization a home can bring and the threats of mold or water damage should be eradicated as quickly as possible.

Randal Nardone And Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone founded Fortress Investment Group in 1998, and he is currently their CEO. He wanted to build a place that could offer people alternative investment options, and he has been on the cutting edge of those investments since the company was founded. Randal is an expert in financial world, and he has long been sought after by others who need his advice.

1. Why Start Fortress Investment Group?

Fortress Investment Group was founded by Randal Nardone because he wanted to be much more creative with the investments that people did. That makes it easier for people to save money, and there are a few people who will find that they can come to this company to invest in better places. There are some people who are concerned about being more diverse, and that is why they need to use Fortress Investment Group.

2. Identifying Better Places To Invest

There are many great places for people to invest, and they will find that they can invest in South America. The markets in South America are very helpful to people who want to save money, and they could find new companies that have just grown in that area. Fortress wants people to have better chances of saving that money, and Randal Nardone has been working on different places to invest there.

3. Guiding A Stable Business

Randal Nardone has done the research needed to guide a stable business, and he is trying to help people in his company make the best choices. There are several people who use Fortress who want to make the most money because they are trying to derive a full-time income from these investments. Fortress lets people invest in stocks, bonds, and any other investment type that is good for them or their business.

4. Conclusion

The best part of Fortress Investment Group is that it can help people make the most money possible. They can come to this company when they need more help, and they want to work with the brokers that Randal has trained to give the best customer service to all their clients.

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Freedom Checks V.S. Trump Bonus Checks: The Two Best Investments that Support the United States

There are few investments that are as profitable and has as much potential as what’s been called “Freedom Checks.” However, a new business type of investment has also surfaced in the investment industry, and that is the Trump Bonus Checks, and there is a dispute between the two as to what is the current best investment.Freedom Checks started as an unknown investment in the United States that was discovered by investors who were researching opportunities in the Oil and Gas industry.

The United States has many laws and makes plenty of decisions to strengthen and give more opportunity to corporations that explore the natural resources of the coast of the U.S., and that is no different from the oil and gas industry.Because of that, there is a law that made one of the most profitable investments of our country possible, and it is called Statute 26-F. This statute says the following, roughly: There are a few selected industries in the oil & gas department that can send monthly checks to investors who fund their services. These checks return the money investment after some time with a very high profit over it.

This is how Freedom Checks started

Some time passed without investors knowing about this opportunity, but now the investment has been popularized, and many are funding these industries in the natural resources area and receiving a high percentage over their investments.Trump Bonus Checks is also a great investment type that has surfaced as an opportunity for investors to fund actions from the government and support their country.

Trump Bonus Checks are dividends, much like the Freedom Checks, that are received when you invest in companies that are directly linked to the government in some way or another. This means that you will be supporting the country, the presidency and will be rewarded with profit over investments.Both investments are very profitable with a high percentage of return over the money you invested, and, if you want to support the industries of the United States that provide oil and gas to the population, Freedom Checks is for you.