Reserve, by Jeunesse Global, delivers all the benefits of red wine without the risks of alcohol

Over the last few years, Jeunesse Global has emerged as one of the most innovative and important names in the global health and beauty industry. The company has come seemingly out of nowhere, only having been founded in 2009. But over its brief existence, it has contributed some of the most effective and sought-after products to the global market that have ever been seen.


The company was founded by North American direct-selling veterans Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. The couple started Jeunesse as a simple means of combating the boredom and ennui that came with their newly embarked on life of retirement. But Ray and Lewis’ natural inclinations quickly kicked into high gear, and the couple began spending 70 and 80 hours per week on growing their newest enterprise. Before long, Jeunesse Global was a major force on the international stage.


Throughout it all, the one thing that has defined Jeunesse Global has been its stunningly innovative and groundbreaking products. The company has retained some of the best product-development scientists in the business, finding unmet market niches and exploiting them with products that deliver incredible value to customers.


One example of this is the company’s Reserve health drink. Ray and Lewis became aware that there were huge benefits but also huge risks involved in the consumption of red wine. The fact that red wine has been proven to reduce risk factors for things like coronary artery disease to an extent that correlates with a roughly five-year increase in life expectancy would give anyone serious incentive to consider taking up the habit of drinking wine. However, various medical bodies have been reluctant to openly endorse red wine consumption as a means to achieve health. This is because the risks associated with alcohol consumptions, specifically the chance that any given person will develop alcoholism, are so great at the population level that they cancel out any benefits of drinking red wine.


But Reserve has taken the key ingredient in wine, resveratrol, and isolated it. Now, users can get all of the benefits of red wine consumption without incurring any of the steep risks of drinking alcohol.

Victoria Doramus’ Journey Towards Recovering From Drug Addiction

Having battled drug addiction for over 15 years, Victoria Doramus has finally managed to attain a state of sobriety and is now a recovery expert helping others with the same challenge. She hopes to start a center in New York that will be based on the principle of the 12 steps that helped her recover while in the Burning tree, a rehabilitation center in Austin.Prior to this, she had been to two different rehabs with the hope of changing her draining lifestyle. At the Age of 26, she had gone to Sierra Tucson in Arizona and left after 45 days with the more understanding of herself than the disease she was battling. After a while of seeing no progress, she moved to a rehabilitation center in Connecticut for 60 days trying to prove to her mother that she had her life in control but instead lost all her family and friends in the process. Prior to that, she was busy with her own fashion collection which was available at

In the Burning Tree center, Victoria Doramus went through the 12 step program that resembled a boot camp set up. Together with other patients, their day would start at 5:45 AM with prayers and meditation, then they would work out chores and later attend compulsory group meetings where they were taught how to accept their situations and reflect on bad habits that they needed to change to lead a better life. At night, as per, they had AA meetings that aimed at connecting them with the highest powers so that they can receive a unique understanding of who they were.

According to, Victoria Doramus left the institution in August 2017 and went to Dallas to work in order to preoccupy her mind and raise money. Towards the end of the year, she flew back to New York and joined addiction non-profits that were helping drug addicts through their recovery journey. See Victoria’s resume here.

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Jeff Herman The Voice Of The Speechless


For over 25 years Jeff Herman has been a voice for those without the words to defend themselves. He prides himself in the ability to help families when they need it most. In the blog post “There Is No Consensus” it takes a moment to try to explain who he defends in his court cases-why-and how to prevent your child or teen from becoming a victim of sexual abuse.


Jeff Herman found his passion of defending the sexually abused only after years of work representing different corporations. After taking one particularly strong case about a small autistic child-he knew-this is what he wanted to do.


Jeff Herman gives so much information on how to prevent sexual predators from making your child the next victim. Having over two decades of experience in this area-and dealing with the actual actions and repercussions of what has happened to so many people- Jeff Herman gives the tips he has learned over the years, in how to talk to your children about sex predators and the crimes they commit. He gives detailed explanations on how to keep the conversation age appropriate, and how to spot the signs of a sexual predator for yourself.


Sexual abuse doesn’t always have to happen at their school, or even at their little league practice. It can happen where you least expect it, like on vacation. Luckily, Jeff Herman provides Ways to Keep your Kids Safer even on the trips where you think it’s okay to completely relax, by explaining how to talk to your children about the dangers of others. Being a father of four he understands how important it is to protect your children, which is why he also explains how to spot behavioral and emotional signs of sexual abuse. The first step in any course of action in helping someone who experienced something so devastating is reporting the sexual abuse. The course of action to do so is a official criminal complaint. “There Is No Consensus” is Jeff Herman giving others the first step in finally gaining peace. See This Page to learn more.



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Hussain Sajwani and the DAMAC Properties Company

Hussain Sajwani is a reputable business person. His career efforts are felt in the middle east region and beyond. He is the CEO, chairman, and founder of DAMAC Group.

Hussain Sajwang is a graduate of the University of Washington. He acted as a contract manager of GASCO, which was a part of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. After a while, Hussain established his own business. He also began his catering venture in 1984. As a pioneer of the property market expansions in the region, he established several hotels in the mid-1990s. The hotels accommodated the expanding influx of foreigners flogging in the area to trade.

In 2002, he established DAMAC Properties. The company has grown to become the leading property development company in the region. The Hussain Sajwani ‘s company has proven to possess a track record of forays in capital markets and the global equity.

As a leading company in the market, Hussain Sajwani (@hussainsajwani) and the company has joined forces together with the highly recognized lifestyle and fashion brands in bringing up exciting and new concepts of living in the market. Luxury villas done by Bugatti, Paramount Resorts and Hotels that are uniquely conceptualized, and the Tiger Woods were designed to be managed by the Trump Organization among others.

DAMAC Property company has many projects spread in the cities of Doha, Beirut, Jeddah, Dubai, and London. It deals in investment in private equities besides acquisitions and merges. It also holds minority and majority in the public companies. The company focuses on value proposition in the regional and global sphere of investments. says that Hussain Sajwani and his business relationship with Donald Trump’s family goes beyond the political and the position’s perspective. Hussain Sijwani hopes to boost the business relationship with the Trump Organization. The two titans in real estate celebrated the eve of the new year together. Besides, they have collaborated on the Golf Club, which has raised the sales beyond $2 billion.

Hussain Sajwani is a kind man as he donates to the needy. He handed a cheque worth two million for AED to clothe one million needy children. In 2011, the DAMAC Properties initiated a hospitality division, which would offer bespoke services to locals in 7,957 hotel apartments. Read this Bloomberg article for more information.

Sajwani talks about the opportunity he saw when he started DAMAC:

Shervin Pishevar: US Lagging Behind Other Developed Countries in Matters Infrastructure

Undoubtedly, infrastructural development is one of the key pillars of any economy. On February 2018, Shervin Pishevar lit up Twitter with 50, 21 hour-long tweets regarding the future of the U.S. economy among other topics. One of the issues that he tackled most concerned infrastructure. Infrastructure is key in ensuring that economic activities flow as expected. It helps to create convenience in matters of communication, transport, and housing.

Unfortunately, U.S. has greatly slowed its pace in developing its infrastructure as indicated by Shervin Pishevar. Shervin went ahead to tweet that “Speed of execution across many sectors from other regions is startling. Very little of frictions that are becoming systemic fractures here.” He maintains that the US economy will continue derailing if it does not improve its pace of execution. The quicker things are done, the more efficient the system becomes, making the life of the American people smoother.

Shervin Pishevar compared the speed of execution of the U.S. infrastructure to that of China. He tweeted “As an example of speed of execution that exists now in China. Last week China built a train station in 9 hours.” If China can construct an efficient transport system in such a short span of time, who is to say that the U.S. cannot? After all, they have the technology, the knowledge, and adequate workforce. Taking quick initiative in developing infrastructure will also provide a people with employment opportunities. This implies that infrastructural development could also minimize the existing unemployment rate significantly.

Unfortunately, the speed of execution is not something that the U.S. government prioritizes at the moment. Shervin Pishevar indicated this clearly in one of his tweets. He wrote, “Meanwhile, our infrastructure is in tatters, decrypt and decaying. Our government and companies are trapped in short-term thinking.” It is time the people realized this in order to take the necessary steps in developing infrastructure. Failure to do this will see the U.S. economy lag behind the economies of other developed countries such as China and UK. Additionally, an efficient infrastructural system could help bring essential services closer to the people and improve productivity.

The Accomplishments of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

     Banco Bradesco is an international bank that offers financial in addition to banking products and services. The firm operates under two categories including banking alongside insurance and pension alongside capitalization bonds. While the banking segment incorporates small to mid-sized companies, the insurance and pension segment incorporates different segments of services in health, life, insurance and personal accident in addition to automobile. Other than that, Banco Bradesco was established by Amador Aguiar and is centrally located in Osasco, Brazil.

The Preview

Banco Bradesco is led by various leaders including Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi who is the serving CEO. Also known as a very influential entrepreneur who has contributed to the development of various portfolios in this bank, his work and experience reflect his dedication to changing the lives of his clients through offering banking solutions. Not only is he committed but also a hard working individual who gives a listening ear to his employees before making decisions that will affect them in any way.


Becoming a Leader

Even though his journey in the banking industry has not been easy so to speak, it is right to deduce that Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been successful in many ways. For starters, he is a graduate of the famous Sao Paulo University, where he studied economics and politics followed by languages. While at it, he made sure that he grasped some of the most objective ideas to run a business. After graduating, he was lucky to get a job at Banco Bradesco, a firm he currently works in.


Major Accomplishments

Since he joined the firm, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has made impressive moves in developing platforms that have supported the expansion of the bank. For example, he is the brain behind the introduction of better pension dockets for clients. Other than that, he chaired the acquisition of HSBC, famous banking institution that manages trillions of assets. In addition to these accomplishments, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has been mentoring his employees to become future leaders not only in Banco Bradesco but the society in general.


The Outline

Additional roles he played while serving include introducing the firm’s shares to the New York Stock Exchange Market thereby making the firm prominent in New York and its neighboring states. Over the years he has served the bank, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has managed to cement his entire career in one line of service. Following his impressive career, many youths have referred to him as their role model.

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Stream Energy

Off late, we have seen a lot of organizations that are a part of corporate America to be involved in charitable causes. For some, it is all about the empathy and a kind feeling towards the victims which would eventually help them to augment their reputation in the market and for others, these altruistic efforts are extremely helpful to manage the reputation when there are adverse effects like a decline in profits or any undesirable scandals. Whatever might be the reason, Stream Energy, the Dallas based energy firm, has been extremely aggressive when it comes to helping the communities and transforming their lives for better. Assistance during Hurricane Harvey is just one of the many instances where Stream Energy associates have done an incredible job by providing assistance which is truly something more than mere financial help.


Homelessness is another aspect that is very personal to the vision of Stream Energy. The organization and its employees have done a tireless job in tracking the number of homeless people in the Dallas, Texas area and they were quite shocked to see the 24% surge in the homelessness count in the Big D. To facilitate their efforts, Stream Energy has partnered with Dallas based Hope Supply Co. and organized an annual splash event where they did a tremendous job to cover the meal costs of more than a thousand homeless children from the North Texas region.


Providing the homeless with food was not the only criteria as a part of the effort. It was more to include the homeless community together and give them an experience of a lifetime. Besides money, many children were also provided with basic supplies, diapers, and clothing. Stream Energy has been directly involved with this noble cause for more than 4 years now. Helping people with suffering has been a part of the company’s vision and their team has put in a lot of hours in identifying the needs as well as helping people and reshaping their lives. While all of his has been quite fruitful to the business, it has also proven how the firms in the Dallas, Texas area have been so much involved in causes like these.

The Entrepreneurship Of Hussain Sajwani And Its Impacts

Starting from the bottom up, the entrepreneurial journey of Hussain Sajwani is one to be recapped. He came from a yellow background and grew to be aggressive and determined. He entered the business world at a tender age as a catering agent in the real estate. The experience gave him skills and knowledge on how to run a business.

The undying dream and determination to create a difference made Hussain Sajwani start his company in the early twenty-first century. DAMAC Properties is a real estate investment company which is specialized in many areas including restructuring, building, decorating and relocation among others. It gives quality services as it comprises of great workers who are skilled and knowledgeable in different sectors. The management is also excellent as the president, and Chief Executive Officer is Hussain Sajwani who has the know-how of what it encompasses to run a business.

Over the years Hussain Sajwani has grown to gain a fantastic reputation that led to his recognition and award as one of the best real estate investors. Through the vigor and the urge to create a difference and allow the society to grow, the company has gained many contracts which some are operational such as those in the Middle East.

With the growing market and name come new and excellent opportunities. Therefore, the excellent work done by DAMAC Properties has led Hussain Sajwani to get the chance to meet great people and have a partnership with some. For instance, he entered into a partnership with Donald Trump to build him a project. The project created was a luxurious resort and golf club located in one of the Arabian countries.

The business partnership of Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump has grown to be more than just a partnership. The two have developed to be personal friends and assist each other in various dimensions. For instance, in a social event concerning the DAMAC owner‘s family, the son of Donald Trump got to attend it as a way to give the company and show the friendship. Moreover, Hussein Sajwani participated in the Sander campaign that meant to instill a perspective in the political realm showing how involved they got in their daily dealings.

Sahm Adrangi Might Have Saved Investors A Lot Of Money By Revealing The Downsides Of The St. Joe Company

Sahm Adrangi is the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital, which is a investment manager that is based out of New York. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Economics while studying at Yale University and served as an investment analyst for Longacre Fund Management. While there, he focused on investment research and analysis for the the company’s credit and equity fund. Before this, he worked with Chanin Capital Partners, which is a bankruptcy restructuring group. During his time with the company, he helped in an advisory position where he offered his knowledge to creditors, both, in and out of court as well as Chapter 11 restructurings. Today, he spots opportunities to short the stocks of companies who are not living up to their valuations.

Recently, Sahm Adrangi has put out a negative report on The St. Joe Company due to the fact that its budget is declining all while it puts off the development of the property that is supposed to revive it. The St. Joe Company is a billion dollar company that is hoping to turn a large desolate spread of land close to Panama City Beach into a place where retirees and businesses want to come to live and do business. The problem with this, as Sahm Adrangi reveals, is that the company is not very likely to develop the land, in question, in a way that makes it worth the supposed $1 billion valuation it has received.

In the negative report, Sahm Adrangi talks openly about the fact that the land is remote, desolate, and swampy, and that it is nothing like the rest of the land that St. Joe has developed, which is beachfront property. The present valuation is assuming that over 2,700 homesites along with 400,000 square-feet of commercial zone will be sold on a yearly basis. He points out the ridiculousness of this, because if this did happen, it would mean that the development would be the best-selling master-planned community in the whole of the United States. Adrangi points out this would be a miracle, because the land is highly undesirable.

OSI Food Solutions Continues To Take Root In Spain

OSI Food Solutions, the company behind the production and distribution of chicken, beef, and pork products in Spain is taking deep roots in Spain. Recently, the company announced the expansion of their Toledo facility. The expansion, which was partly funded by European Agricultural GOSI Food Solutions Continues To Take Root In Spaiuarantee Fund, is likely to one of the latest efforts by OSI Food Solutions to increase its production and sustainability. Speaking during the launch of the facility, the company’s Managing Director José María del Río said that the expansion has come at a time the company needed it most.

It is expected that once expanded, the Toledo –based company will have more than 22, 600 square feet. This is enough space that will enable the company to double its production from 12, 000 tons to a whopping 24, 000. The expansion also allows OSI Food Solutions to fulfill one of its pledges to improve alleviate unemployment problems in Toledo. Currently, the food production company employs over 20, 000 people globally. This number included the current 160 employees in Toledo. The new facility will cater for among other things refrigeration rooms, production development kitchen, supply storage area, production hall, shipping and receiving areas and employees’ lounge among other rooms.

During the launch of the expansion, OSI Food Solutions Chief Operating Officer David McDonald announce that this latest achievement has enabled the company to add to its portfolio a number of new products that for a long time have been on the consumers’ order list. McDonald said, “We’re very happy that OSI is making huge strides towards achieving its millennium goals. Our new expanded facility will enable us to increase the number of beef, pork, chicken, and other products. Some of these products have been on the waiting list long enough but now we will deliver and sustain them.”

OSI Food Solutions is headed by experienced managers, some of whom have been in the industry for more than 40 years. Sheldon Lavin, the CEO and Chairman for instance has been in the agricultural production industry for a period of more than 40 years. José María del Río and David McDonald have also been with the company since its infancy. Both of them have seen the company grow from humble beginnings to receiving The Global Visionary Award, Edward C. Jones Community Award among other honors.

The Spanish Toledo expansion is only one of OSI Food Solution’s many reasons to remain a top of the rest. The company has had a history of acquiring many small properties and turning them into huge sustainable facilities.

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