Philanthropist and Entrepreneur Dick DeVos Supports the American Dream

Philanthropist and Entrepreneur Dick DeVos is an icon of support for the American Dream. He, along with his wife, U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, shared that they have given $139 million in funds to the non-profit organizations which they support. Many of their funds go towards educational causes, showing clearly the great value that Dick DeVos places on education.


Dick DeVos wants every child to have the opportunity to move towards “the American Dream”: success, financial abundance, and full expression of individual talent. In the old educational paradigm, in which a child’s zip code determined the quality of his or her education, this was not realistic. Depending on location, public school educations varied widely. Some were lacking in areas that others excelled in. DeVos supports charities which close this gap and offer choices to students and parents. His belief that everyone should have an opportunity for excelling has led him to give over $3 million towards educational causes in 2015 alone. DeVos’ unique contributions include support for one of the country’s first Aviation-themed charter schools, which gives students the opportunity to study aeronautics and robotics in a supportive and rigorous environment.


It is clear that the DeVoses prioritize education. What also becomes clear, when I look at the pattern of their charitable donations, is that the couple values Arts and Culture. For example, in 2013 they gave $50,000 to the Compass College of Cinematic Arts in Grand Rapids. They also used $22 million to launch the DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the University of Maryland. In addition to the arts, Dick DeVos has donated to many community organizations, civic groups, and health and human services causes. His charitable donations are widely varied and reflect his priorities and values.


As the son of Amway co-founder Rich DeVos, Dick is no stranger to philanthropy. His father instilled in him the value of giving. Rich DeVos and his four grown children placed 24th on the Forbes 2015 list of “most giving families”.


DeVos began his career in business in 1974, by working for his father’s company in various positions. After ten years he became the Vice President for branches of the company in 18 countries. He then left the firm and started his own business, the Windquest Group. In 1991 he returned to Amway, and became President of the company in his father’s place. Under Dick DeVos’ leadership, Amway restructured and grew. Soon after, DeVos shifted priorities and began investing more time in the Windquest Group.


How Philanthropists Like Betsy DeVos Tackle Problems at Their Roots

One of the issues that philanthropists are faced with is how to help people. While they are trying to help people, they are often faced with the question as to whether or not what they are doing is actually helping. There are times when it is good to give people handouts. However, they are just band-aids on a deeper issue. For instance, a lot of people are still going to be faced with hunger even if they get a meal. A better thing to do is go to the root and give people opportunities and abilities to improve their situation.

One of the areas that need to be addressed is education when it comes to living situations. This is especially the case with poor communities. When people are living in poor communities, the education tends to be of sub-par quality. Therefore, the problem perpetuates itself. One of the issues that families are faced with is that they don’t have the means to get one to another district. One of the problems is that it costs money for people to go to school in another district. This is often money that families in poor communities don’t have. Fortunately, someone has seen this issue and has worked very hard to provide a solution to this issue. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

This person is Betsy DeVos.  One thing that she sees is that these children had no control of where they were born. However, these children are not getting the care they need. Therefore, they learn about the world from other sources. These sources tend to be harder. However, Betsy DeVos does not want people to learn from the hardest teachers.

Betsy DeVos has made a lot of progress in her attempts to bring about school choice to students. She has paid a lot of money and worked with different nonprofit organizations in order to make sure that they are getting what they need to serve their people.

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George Soros Wants To Protect Progress

A Billionaire Saves the World

George Soros has made it clear he wants to change the way the world works. He sees far too many people living under oppressive conditions and he sees far too much closed minded thinking. In order to combat this he has created the Open Society Foundation. Through his organization he aims to do everything he can to help foster a new age for humanity where people are free to choose how they will live out their lives and who will run their countries. His effort shave led to criticism from many on the right who believe he is in fact trying to take over the world.

Towards A More Open Society

The Open Society Foundation is focused squarely on trying to find ways to make the world around us better and to create a world where we are able to decide for ourselves how things should be. In a more traditional society people are not allowed to decide how their lives will play out. Instead, that is decided for them by the hierarchy of their country. The Open Society Foundation tries to change this by fostering diversity and giving people a more cosmopolitan world view.

What He Sees Ahead Of Us

George Soros does not see a bright future ahead of the world at least in the short term. He actually believes that the right of authoritarian figures like Donald Trump spells trouble for the future of progress and progressives must remain vigilant in order to keep things from slipping out of their hands. He understands all too well what can happen given his own experience with this sort of ordeal from his youth spent in Europe during World War 2.

The Fight to Protect Progress

The surprise victory of Donald Trump has deeply angered George Soros and made him rethink how he wants to approach many of the issues he focuses on he. He is determined to do everything he can to stop Donald Trump in his first 100 days. Trump has promised to focus on a hard line stance against illegal immigration and against other issues he campaigned on. The Left needs a hero of its own right now and it looks as if George Soros is the best option they have so far. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

About George Soros

George Soros is the most well-known political donor fighting for the Left. His work has allowed the Left to win some of its greatest victories and enabled them to preserve their legacy for years. The recent turn of events has disappointed George Soros but he continues to maintain his efforts to change the world around him.

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