New Residential Investment Corp Thrives Uunder Michael Nierenberg

During his 14 year tenure at Bear sterns, Mr. Nierenberg the CEO of New Residential Investment Corp, has led many of the exchange firm’s investment sectors including; mortgage backed securities, foreign exchange trading and structured products. He joined the Bear Sterns board of directors for the two years prior to his departure. When mike Nierenberg and Jim De Mare both joined Merrill Lynch in September 2008, they were labeled as being among the most knowledgeable and highly skilled people in mortgage business

At Lehman brothers; Michael Nierenberg, along with Wes Edens, Fortress’ co-founder became key players to the formulation of the adjustable rate in the company’s mortgage business. The Market Screener’s website also states that as far as 1996, Mr. Nierenberg was chairman of the Samuel Waxman cancer research foundations. His holdings currently stand at a valuation of $13,976,984 with equities of $985,602.

Mr. Nierenberg has seized every opportunity to ensure NRZ’s capital and its access to liquidity stays strong to maximize its profits and remain in a wonderful financial position. He is seen to be proud of his team and encourages them to continue creating terrific value when reviewing NRZ quarter performance. Michael’s skill, knowledge, and vast experience made him get the director badge from the board of directors. Over the years, Mr. Nierenberg has proven them nothing but accurate. He focuses on several segments: Residential Mortgage Loans, Real Estate Securities, Servicer Advances Corporate and Consumer Loans.

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